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    Finding the sweet spot

    Nice work Brian!!!!
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    Best twist rate for a 308

    Thanks for all of the input. My son has shot a lot rifles for an 8 yr old. He loves his 243 and and he has shot the "family" 7-08 a lot. Killed several deer with each. I honestly do not know why he wants a 308 so bad other than the fact that I do not have one and his cousins have their "own"...
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    Best twist rate for a 308

    My son is bound a determined to have a 308 as his own rifle. I have all of the equipment neccesary to reload for 308 and even owned a 308 a while back. However, I sold it to make room in the safe for my sons 243 that he got as his first rifle. That being said I do not have a lot of experience...
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    Real World .270 Win Velocities

    With 54.1 gr IMR 4451 and a 130 bullet I can get 2950 with 55 gr of H4350 I am up to 3000 with a 22 inch barrel.
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    Still seeing some supplies coming in.

    Was anyone seen any Winchester large rifle or large rifle magnum primers? All of my load development has been done with those primers and I am really not wanting to change. I have seen some Federal primers but again wanting to stick with Winchester if anyone knows where they are being hidden.
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    243 95 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip w/ cannelure

    So I ordered two packs of 95 gr nosler ballistic tips in 243 from shooters pro shop for my son's rifle. Have been dying to try them out. When I opened the box I was surprised to find that one bag was the regular ballistic tips and the other bag had ballistic tips with the cannelure. At first I...
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    270 load good enough for elk?

    Thanks for all of the input from everyone!
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    How did you get started reloading?

    I had an extreme interest in reloading and I had mentioned it to my father in law. He dug up so old reloading stuff (old CH press and other various accessories) and handed them down to me. Ever since I have been completely addicted. Only been reloading for about 4 years but do not plan on stopping.
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    quick load request for 270 please

    So I apparently went a little hot when i was working up this load. I had already tried this combo out and got some great accuracy (post regarding 270 good enough for elk). I used 54.1 gr of IMR 54.1 which quick load says is a bit hot. I did not get any pressure signs at all. Was considering...
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    quick load request for 270 please

    Thank you so much sir! I value the time you put in for the members we have on here.
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    quick load request for 270 please

    I hate to ask but my curiosity is forcing me to experiment. Can I please get a quick load work up for 270 in a Remington Model 700 22 inch barrel Powder IMR 4451 Bullet 130 gr Barnes TTSX
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    My son put the 7-08 to work again

    Jimbeaux with 43 gr of H4895 I am getting a four shot average velcity of 3025 fps.
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    Seating depth in a long-throated Tikka...

    I too have a Tikka T3x in 7 Rem mag. Based on my experience in loading for this rifle you can load that at whatever length that you want and they will shoot well. Now that you have your node I would create some loads as long you can effectively hold in your magazine and then work backwards...
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    270 load good enough for elk?

    I got the response I wanted and assumed I would get. Thanks guys!!
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    270 load good enough for elk?

    Received a box of 270 Barnes TTSX 130 gr bullets. I decided to use a tried and trued powder charge of IMR 4451 that has shot really well with multiple 130 bullets out of the 270. My 4 shot group is .510 inches. My velocity is right at 3000 fps at the muzzle. First attempt with this bullet and...
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    Modern ML Suggestions

    I shoot a CVA Optima and have shot it for about 15 years. I have killed several deer with it. Shoots very accurately. My son just popped a doe at 125 yards at the the end of KY black powder season. For bullets I use Barnes 250 gr bullets.
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    IMR 4064 in 270 Win??

    First attempt was not too impressive. A 4 shot group at 1.518 inches. I used the same seating depth that produced cloverleaf groups with a different powder. I will probably still try to play with it since I have so much 4064 but I am not too hopeful on finding "a keeper" .
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    IMR 4064 in 270 Win??

    Thanks a lot for the quickload and the info on Jack O'Conner. I just loaded up some 130 gr BTips to try out. I will let you all know how they shoot.
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    IMR 4064 in 270 Win??

    Thanks Dan! My plan was to use either the 130 BTip or hornady interlock. Looking at the speeds I would be down at least 100 fps from what I usually shoot but I figure it is worth a shot to see how it groups.
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    IMR 4064 in 270 Win??

    Has anyone tried this combo? I had never considered pairing the two together but I was doing some reading and looking online and it struck me that I have a full pound of it and I have never tried the two together. I have found some data but I wanted to ask for some real world experience from the...