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    Progressive Press Shootout - Gavin Gear - Ultimate Reloader

    One to watch I think!
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    speer bullets

    Speer anything seems hard to find. I am trying to get more 120gr SPBT in 25 cal
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    Precision 223 Load

    Oh wow! ;)
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    Lever Action Rifles

    There is no contradiction in that statement I'm afraid. They were once yours, and now they own them ;)
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    Precision 223 Load

    Great shooting guy. I splashed out on some lapua .223 rem brass, CCI 450 Primers and Sierra 60 gr TMKs. I’m hoping for good groups, maybe not that good though ;)
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    Lever Action Rifles

    Careful. Family gun transfers are difficult to undo 😉
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    Not a Nosler bullet, but I know that you guys like hunting rifle bullet tests...

    Paper for sure. 5 shots touching. Not put into game yet. Scrummy
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    Not a Nosler bullet, but I know that you guys like hunting rifle bullet tests...

    I like the old 7mm 139gr GMX so CX looks an improvement.
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    25 Cal Nosler E-Tips

    Yeah, I'm in the UK so they are ~£1.00 per bullet = ~$1.30 / bullet
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    25 Cal Nosler E-Tips

    Hi folks, anyone have any ideas on when there will be more 25 Cal E-tips will be available? Best wishes, Scrummy
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    Ramshot magnum and hunter .. at PV In stock

    I'm developing a liking for Ramshot X-terminator in .223 Rem and also going to try Hunter with Speer 100gr Hot Cors in 257 Roberts. Scrummy
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    Nosler Partitions 120Gr. .257 at Midway

    I do like Partitions, I even like that 120gr 25 cal bullet... But Nosler do charge like a wounded rhino for them... (I have found the Speer 120gr SPBTs shoot very well and have good terminal performance for less money).
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    223 Trainer, 3 shots .179"

    Excellent stuff. A .22 centre fire bolt action is a very handy thing to have. Scrummy
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    Old Lever Rifle.

    Looks good, go get deer!
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    When will 7mm 160 Accubonds be available again?

    They are lovely bullets. When can get them I shoot them out of my 26" barrelled 7x64 and they are very useful
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    What's Your "Fun Gun"?

    My Chiappa 1892 clone is fun. Also like my FN Commercial 98 in 9.3x62
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    Quick Load Request

    Hi @DrMike Thanks for being willing to do that. What I think is odd with the Nosler data is the case capacity. Nosler lists the .44 mag case capacity as 22.4gr H20 - I measure mine at 38.86 and Wikipedia lists the capacity as 37.9 gr H20. (I calculate Useable case capacity as 24.2gr H20 with...
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    Quick Load Request

    @DrMike if I could trouble you, it would help immensely. Scrummy
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    Lever Action Rifles

    Very welcome!
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    Lever Action Rifles

    Not me in it sadly, just posted it.