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    Optimum Barrel Time

    I would like to become more knowledgeable in finding the optimum barrel time a bullet should exit any given barrel to avoid the shockwave or reduce the impact of harmonics. I won’t muddy the water with incorrect Information on my behalf. I’d like for someone more technically adept at it to point...
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    Ramshot LRT in 7RM

    Any of you fine folks tried LRT in 7mm Rem Mag? Hodgdon has load data for 6.5 PRC using it. Looks like it is close to Magnum, not as slow as US869. Then again nothing is as slow as US869, Lol. Seriously though, 869 does good with a 26” barrel shooting 175’s and 180’s. The next time I see it in...
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    170gr Ballistic Tips in Magnum 270’s

    SPS has them in stock but I wonder if they will be a single run only. I bet if you put these down a 1:8 twist 27 Nosler, 270 Weatherby Mag, or 270 WSM with US869 they would hit pretty hard. It would be like shooting a knitting needle. You’d have a barrel life of maybe 7 shots. Lol.
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    Powder Valley IMR 4831

    Powder Valley has a fair selection of powders in stock right now. One that I have been looking for is IMR 4831. It’s there along with some other useful powders.
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    Heading To Southeast Ohio With My Boomer

    I really love these late season hunts when it’s very cold and deep into winter. I’m heading out in the morning for some late season hunting with my round ball rifle. Customized it myself and I have to say it’s one of my favorites. Joe Williams built a cut rifled 36” 54 caliber round ball barrel...
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    270 Win Quickload Request

    Good morning. I was wondering if I could get someone to run Quickload for two powders? Here are the components. Thanks in advance. 270 Winchester IMR-4831 and Staball 6.5 powders CCI 200 primer .277 145gr Hornady ELD-X 3.340” COAL
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    Refinished Boyd’s Heritage Stock

    I didn’t care for the satin finish on the Boyd’s stock I put on my 7mm RM TC Compass II. Sanded it down to bare walnut. Put 6 coats of Helmsman Teak Oil on it, wet sanding with 600 grit paper between coats after it dried. It didn’t turn out too shabby. A durable gloss finish with a drying Teak...
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    Accurate .460 Mold for Cast 45-70 Loads

    I know I’ve said it before but I LOVE this mold. Just finished casting a few hundred more bullets for my 45-70. I added pure lead to my alloy and upped the weight from 405 to 415gr. I weighed them after sizing and putting the Gator gas checks on, and there is only 1 grain difference in all of...
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    .277 130gr Speer Hot Cor

    I’ve never sectioned the 130gr .277 caliber Hot Cor to check what the jacket taper actually looks like, I just knew it worked well on game. It adds some insight to its performance. A thin jacket at the nose to open quickly, and tapers to a visibly thicker base to retain weight for good...
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    It’s Decided, E-Tips For Hunting This Year

    I always find an excuse, mainly that they never fail to perform perfectly, to take Partitions in the woods except for a 308 Win that shoots Gold Dot bullets like a laser. I finally have very fast, consistent, below max loads for my deer rifles worked up with E-Tips. As a side note, man some of...
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    My Opinion On Powders High Humidity Performance

    First this is just my opinion and could be completely wrong from the start. Some powders are said to perform better in humid or wet conditions. I don’t share this perception, and allow me to explain why. Once a cartridge is loaded it becomes a sealed environment. External conditions have no...
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    55gr E-Tip, .224”

    55gr E-Tip, 3360 fps, left 100yds, right 25 feet. I put the details in Bullet Tests.
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    55gr E-Tip

    This was an impromptu test of the .224” 55 grain E-Tip from a 24” heavy barreled AR-15 in 223 Wylde at 3360 fps. They were shot into a clay earth bank so it’s a more severe test than into jugs. I would have used water jugs if I’d thought about it before hand. I was coyote hunting today and got...
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    Antique Partitions

    I bought 100 of the old screw machine produced 160gr 7mm Partitions that have the pressure relief band off Gunbroker for a song. I think I may keep them rather than load them. I have plenty of the current ones so I don’t really need the vintage PT’s. I just thought it was a nice find.
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    US869 in 7mm RM

    I think I’m going to crack open an 8lb jug of US869 I bought a couple years ago. I want to work on heavies in a 26” 1:8 barrel. It’s not as long as a bench barrel but should be long enough to begin getting benefits from the slow powder. Do any of you have any experience using it with heavy...
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    Range Day With The Rem Mag Brothers

    SO……I had a great day at the range with my two 7mm RM’s testing loads using 139gr SST and the 175gr ELD-X. Both of the following 3 shot groups were before setting zero. First, my TC Compass II with 1:9 twist, in a Boyds Heritage walnut stock. Nothing done to it but adding the stock. This one...
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    7mm RM Quickload Request

    Would someone be kind enough to run some Quickload numbers for me? I would greatly appreciate it. 7mm Rem Mag IMR 4831 139gr SST and 140gr Ballistic Tip COAL 3.250” 26” barrel I’m going to come up with a deer load for a long power line. Kind of a generic load to be used in 2 of my 7mm RM’s...
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    I’m not a conspiracy theorist. However with that said, there are very few people, and exactly zero CEO’s or politicians I trust. I pose a couple questions to you all. What is the first step governments use to weaken a foe? Economic and trade sanctions. Ala the supply drought of ammunition and...
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    Tell me if I’m on the right track here (split cases)

    Here’s my dilemma. 7mm RM, 160gr Partition seated the 3.290” OAL. 65gr RL-23, and WLRM primers. All rounds fired split the case between the shoulder and neck. It was new never loaded win brass. So here’s what I found and did. Measured the COAL with a Hornady gauge with that PT bullet. It...
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    Staball in 7mm Rem Mag?

    I’m contemplating trying Staball 6.5 in one of my 7mm RM’s with 140gr Partitions. I haven’t made up my mind yet though. Just because IMR 4831 is SUCH a sweet load with 140’s. Really nice velocity for what would be considered a faster powder in 7mm RM, and accuracy that makes me smile every time...