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    UPS and Brownells

    “Pick up a rifle and you change instantly from a subject to a citizen.” -- Jeff Cooper I plan on remaining a citizen.
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    UPS and Brownells

    Yay, more evil corporate giants to deal with! Good grief.
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    Surprise, surprise from a used Marlin X7

    It's nice to hear of younger people with good values. I am young myself and don't get along well with most people my age because I find them usually self centered and ignorant. I mostly like to be around the older and wiser crowd, like you folks here, not that any of of you are old of course. 😁😉
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    Surprise, surprise from a used Marlin X7

    Very cool!
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    Using old primers?

    Hmmm, that is a good question. I'm clueless whether old primers could cause reliability issues, hopefully someone else here has some input. My only thought is that in another topic someone mentioned you could re-prime primers using some priming compound, then you would know they should be good...
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    Bolt pistol

    Neat! Looks like your getting close. :)
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    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    Every gun I've ever shot is more than adequate for any scenario I would have to use it in. I usually want any general purpose medium/big game rifle to shoot 1 MOA, mostly just because I know there are plenty off the shelf guns that can, so if one is not, then I can probably get something that...
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    Another misfit cartridge, 325 WSM

    I don't have one yet, but the Trijicon is the scope I decided I will buy for the next hunting rifle I get. I spent months researching before coming to that conclusion. Glad to hear a good report of it! Also interesting cartridge, I probably have heard of it at one point but I definitely don't...
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    How's everyone doing?

    I have a fig tree at my new house. Might have to ask you folks how to can those!
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    Supreme Court Rules States May Not Ban Gun Carry

    Nice to hear some good news!
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    Very, very cool. How much does that setup weigh? Obviously you've got a pretty big muzzle break on that sucker, but I am curious what recoil feels like shooting a .308 out of a pistol? I've only ever shot that out of a rifle.
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    6.5 Creed and 120 Nosler BT

    That's an alright group I suppose...🤭
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    Coyote from the blind

    His situation is different than any I will likely find myself in, so I am not attempting to define it as right or wrong. For my own activities though, I have no reason to allow a animal to suffer more than necessary.
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    Coyote from the blind

    Out of curiosity, would you folks consider intentional gut shots ethical? I understand this is predator control, but my instinct is definitely to kill anything as quickly as possible regardless of the activity. Don't misunderstand, I am not trying to judge this land owners methods, I am just...
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    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    I like that you used Duracote instead of classic blueing. Newer finishes like that and Cerekote tend to look better than traditional blue in my opinion, and they have much better durability. Boyds makes excellent stocks, and I think it came together as a very nice rifle.
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    Biden wants to restrict ammo sales to civilians

    Wow. So accurate and concise. You nailed it Dr.
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    Biden wants to restrict ammo sales to civilians

    It seems they will attempt to use all the sensational stories about people being killed by AR rifles to say that we shouldn't be able to get ammunition for them. The fact that he is even targeting a specific round or rifle with these kinds of policies just demonstrates how uneducated any attempt...
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    Biden wants to restrict ammo sales to civilians

    I hope people will somehow come to hate this man enough to actually take action against him for his criminal behavior, but in ignorance, they ignore what is important and focus on the trivial. Not surprised, but filled with a righteous anger none the less.
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    Intense Storm, Montana & Wyoming

    Actually, I think we caught the edge of that storm all the way down here in Arkansas. Even just getting a small bit of it, you could tell it was a very angry storm.
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    Intense Storm, Montana & Wyoming

    I hadn't heard about this. I hope everybody can stay safe and that they can recover quickly from all the damage. :(