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    Best 243 bullet for deer?

    While I'm not the .243 expert, I have seen very small deer here in Germany hit by 180 grain Barnes bullets out of a 300 Weatherby run a good ways before expiring. It has me scratching my head, as that's a lot of horsepower hitting a small animal, but after reading a few articles on deer culling...
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    poor/ crappy UPS handling

    Gents, One memory that hurts and comes to mind was when I successfully won a bid on a beautiful pre-64 M70 in 300 H&H. I requested that the vendor ship it in a hard gun case (that I provided additional funds for having heard my fair share of nightmares of firearms destroyed in shipping) so you...
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    RIP Jerry Fisher

    Well guys, I returned to Germany after a couple of weeks INCONUS and am unsuccessfully attempting to shift gears back to Stuttgart time at 0100 with the assistance of some Ambien and a little concoction that my friends in the Alps affectionately refer to as "jagertee." I and was perusing the...
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    Back to the range with 30-06 and RL26

    My word! With groups and speed like that, I can't see a need for much else! Congratulations! V/R, Joe
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    M70 325WSM

    Scotty, I don't recall seeing this one, but man alive does it look like it can bring the goods! V/R, Joe
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    Noslers Downrange this Morning!

    Guy, Good on you guys! It's great to see you all getting out and always love seeing pictures of you 700s in the field. V/R, Joe
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    M70 Supergrade

    Scotty, That supergrade looks to be the real deal and it sure is a looker! I look forward to seeing how this project progresses. It was great linking up and thank you again for the hospitality and powder! V/R, Joe
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    Boar and Roe Buck with the 6.5x68

    Gents, Got lucky and connected with a boar and a roe buck the other day and thought I might post’em up. I hit the boar broadside through the lungs and despite spewing pink froth everywhere, he made it about 50 yards into the thickest briar patch he could find on the mountainside. The buck was...
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    375" 260 grain E-Tip?

    Western Hunter did a neat test of premium bullets a little while back. The E-tip made a great showing, as it was accurate, expanded almost immediately, penetrated well, retained almost all of its weight, and didn't foul like an all copper slug. I haven't shot anything with them, but it sure...
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    Range day success...

    I always look forward to seeing your report on that Nosler rifle of yours. With that PACNOR barrel, it has been laying them in there for quite some time! I'm glad the ol' girl is still getting the job done there in Alaska and has put a lot of meat on the ground for you. Time really flies and it...
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    .270 Accubond 150 Grain

    Scotty, Say it ain't so! That 338 and 7 Mashburn would not be pleased! V/R, Joe
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    270 Win vs. 280 Rem vs. 30-06

    Jim and his amazing M700 .280AI are probably responsible for half of us on the forum getting into the .280AI cartridge. Talk about a trendsetter! I'm glad to see Sue crushing it with the cartridge as well, especially in that beautiful M48 rifle! V/R, Joe
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    .270 Accubond 150 Grain

    You know that would make more sense to me from a SD perspective since the 7mm 160 AB with an SD of .283 has a BC of .531, and considering the .270 150 AB sectional density is .279. Nothing to get wrapped around the axle on, but just food for thought. Regardless, I'm excited to hear about what...
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    .270 Accubond 150 Grain

    Scratching my head a bit on this one. First off, I'm really excited about the new 150 grain Accubond for .270 aficionados. They've been displayed on the Nosler website for quite some time now. I've also been watching intently for Nosler to finally drop the BC for them. After what seemed like...
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    270 Win vs. 280 Rem vs. 30-06

    Not sure where I saw it or who to attribute it to, but there's a great quote out there that seems applicable: "Cartridges are more alike than they are different." The fact that they share the same parent case only seems bolster the argument. If I were hunting larger game like moose, I think...
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    Two Hogs, Two Recovered Partitions

    Gotta love a partition! They’ve been getting it done in style for a long time and remain the standard by which all others are judged! V/R, Joe
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    .338 300 gr ABLR Testing

    Jim, Land sakes! That’s a heck of a hole and 6 jugs with almost an inch of expansion is no joke! V/R, Joe
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    Seeking havak 6.5 PRC

    Nice rig! That 6.5 PRC looks to be a neat cartridge that should really deliver! V/R, Joe
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    Swapped Whelens

    Congratulations you guys! Great when things work out for everyone! Happy shooting, gentlemen. V/R, Joe
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    Heym-Ruger No. 1 in 6.5x68

    Scotty/Paul, Thank guys! I’m pretty excited to shoot it, but they just extended the lockdown until 15 Feb! I’m chomping at the bit to go and get my ammo for it so I can send a few down range! V/R, Joe