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    Good Day Gone Bad

    The Gun Works, or TOTW will get you set up with what you need in short order if you don’t have the parts on hand. One possible suggestion. Seeing as the drum split, go with a drum with slightly oversize threads. This will let you clean up the threads and ensure a tight seal. They have them made...
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    New 7mm Rem Mag Bergara

    The smile on a boys face when holding their new rifle just can’t be beaten. No matter their age. No doubt he’ll get many years enjoyment from that rifle. This makes me smile, I enjoy seeing folks happy.
  3. J

    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    No worries Henry. Nothing to explain, it’s all good.
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    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    Very nice rifle Henry. Really sharp!
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    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    That’s the biggest complaint I have with most composite stocks manufacturers use. The grip feels too beefy and thick.
  6. J

    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    I had them fit a Pachmeyer Decelerator to the butt, and their standard LOP fits me nicely. I also really like the slim wrist in the grip area. I dislike a fat stock in the grip. I think they offer quality gunstocks.
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    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    Thats the plan Dan. Those marks acquired while in the woods add the value of memories. I don’t fret over those little marks. I don’t neglect my rifles but if you hunt with them it will happen. I have a Remington 870 that I bought new in ‘95 that I’m going to finish with this same Durablue...
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    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    Many thanks guys. The hydro dipped/bronze finish just didn’t do it for me. Nothing wrong with it, walnut just seems to fit my tastes best.
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    It only took a few minutes in my case. Nowhere near hours. I saturated the fouling and let it soak in a few minutes. 10 minutes or so I’d guess. Then spun a wet bronze brush on the carbon ring for a couple minutes and it was finished. I’ve also used Seafoam fuel additive for stubborn carbon...
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    I’ve had great luck using Kroil with a bronze brush. It makes quick work of it.
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    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    Ok, as the last 2 years have passed I decided that I hated the hydro dipped stock, and the rustic bronze finish. I didn’t like it in the slightest of ways. So I went to work. I stripped all the duracoat finish from the barrel and action then refinished it, the bolt, bolt shroud, and optics. You...
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    David Tubbs Tubbdust on sale.

    I use it in all the powders I load with. Between Tubbdust, and hbn I get essentially zero copper fouling. It does help and one container treats 30 lbs of powder if I remember correctly. Great product.
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    Lyman Great Plains .54

    Great choice!!! You’ll love that long slow twist barrel for round balls. I absolutely love my two .54 cal ball guns. If you can upgrade the sight it will surprise you at the accuracy attainable with round balls. I have a Lyman 54 peep sight on mine and you can fine tune bullet impact 1/4” at a...
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    308 Winchester Favorite Loads

    I fully expect this to be the longest thread on our forum. The 308 is so inherently accurate that it can’t not be. There are so very many powder and bullet choices that shoot unbelievably well that it can’t be helped. And yeah, I’ll say it. With proper bullet selection and a stout load, it will...
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    Optimum Barrel Time

    Ernie, I can’t thank you enough for the breadth of information you have given me. I’m still digesting it, and researching components for the build. This year I’m going to break out my PRS rifle and equipment to compete in 2-3 matches this year. The rifle recently received a fresh barrel, it’s...
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    Testing 6.5 Creed / 147's

    Well, there’s not much more that needs to be said. Those groups are the statement AND exclamation point.
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    Range Day With The Rem Mag Brothers

    Thank you, the loads came in nicely without as much work as some have required.
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    I never liked plastic stocks

    Very nice rig! I’m a big fan of Boyd’s stocks. I have 3. They fit perfectly as built, and bedded very nicely. There is another in my near future as well.
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    US869 in 7mm RM

    Alex first, welcome to our forum! I love my 7mm RM’s. They do well. The 195’s wouldn’t work with the throats in the 2 I have, so I‘m working with the 180gr Hybrid right now. I’m not at maximum pressure in either rifle yet, so I’ve still got some testing to do. So far I’m getting 2800 fps from...
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    Optimum Barrel Time

    Also, apologies for my response not being as in depth as I’d like. I just got in from work and am just settling in for a bit. It was a late night.