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    looking to upgrade my muzzleloader

    I'm looking to upgrade to an inline closed ignition, that uses musket caps and has open sights. 50 cal and will be using lee 320 real bullet, no sabots or 209 primers allowed in OR. I'm looking for suggestions.
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    got my first kimber, second 1911

    Bought a tle/rl ii 45 acp, came with 7 kimber mags, one colt mag, 5 boxes of winchester pdx hp ammo, 16 rounds fmj, 8 loose rounds of win hp ammo, a blackhawk holster and dual mag carrier for 600.00 from a buddy that lost interest in 45 and wanted a new 9mm. he paid 1018.49 in 2013 for the...
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    hornet bullet

    I am down to my last couple of boxes of nosler 45 grn sp boattail bullets. I'm just wondering if there is another good hornet bullet guys on here recommend. my gun has 1in 16" rifling twist.
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    help me decide on a scope

    I recently got a Browning Abolt Medallion 22 Hornet, It came with a tasco 4-16x40 which is a big scope. I am thinking of a smaller scope such as a leupold 3-9x33 or a burris timberline 4.5-14x32. or any other smaller compact scope. Just looking for suggestions and opinions. Thanks
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    anyone have any experience with browning Micro 22 Hornet

    I just won an online auction for a Browning Micro Medallion abolt in 22 hornet. I have been shooting my 22 hornet H&R 157 since I has 14 yrs old. (47 now) had to get a new barrel for it a decade ago. So when I saw a browning bolt action I put a bid in and won. Anyone have experience with the...
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    What is a good and cheap 357 bullet for a 1894 marlin

    I'm looking for a good bullet for a 357 rifle, Anyone have a source. I saw midway has a bulk pack of speer 158 JHP bullets anyone use these?
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    Won an online auction for a 1894 marlin CowBoy 357

    SO I won an online auction for a JM- 1894 marlin CB 357 with 24" barrel. So I already reload 38 specials with 158/160 grn swc plain base that I cast, and I have 3k wadcutters I was given for free. They both shoot great in my S&W heavy duty 38/44. Anyone one out there have info on 1894 marlin...
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    Anybody have a good load for 264wm using retumbo n 140 part.

    Just wondering if anyone has a good elk load for 264wm, I will be using 140 grn partitions, with either retumbo or r.s. magnum. Might be hunting idaho this yr and know shots will be longer than western oregon.
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    looking for Shockey gold powder in s. OR

    Does anyone know where in Southern Oregon I might be able to find Shockey gold FFG powder? I have checked Sportsmans, Blackbird, bimart.
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    My buddy filled his cow tag

    A co-worker/friend hadn't hunted since he was a kid but 3 years ago wanted to get back into it. last year he used his sister-in law's 270. His Sister got him a Savage 270 this past year. He wanted a 270 since thats what his dad used. I got a scope mounted on it for him and loaded him up some...
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    264 Win Mag with retumbo powder

    I picked up some retumbo powder to give it a try with my 264wm. I was planning on using some 130 accubonds. I noticed Hodgon says max load is 64.1 grains with that bullet but a Hornady 129 grn is 67.5 grain. That seems a huge difference. Anyone using Retumbo with 130 accubonds? What load are...
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    35 Whelen and RL15

    Is it just me or was the load for rel 15 with 250 grn bullet, taking less powder I 'm refering to newer load manuals. It looks like 200 and 225 are the same. 59.5 w 200 grn bullet, 59 grns of rl15 w/ 225 grn , and 53 grns with 250 grn bullet. Or am I just imaging things. I'm at work so cant...
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    Am I the only one who can't wait to see if I drew any hunts?

    Am I the only one who can't wait to see if I drew any hunts????
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    which rifle should i use for spring bear?

    1. My rem 760 35 whelen has 2 bears to its credit 2. Rem 7600 35 whelen 3. Marlin guide gun 45/70 4. Contender carbine 45/70 5. M1 Garand Im leaning towards the guide gun since it hasnt killed anything n shots will be under 50 yrds. now do i use my cast 430 grn bullets loaded at 1300 fps, 405...
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    Does anyone use 20 Gauge for predators

    Just wondering if anyone uses the 20 for predators. Years ago when I got my first shotgun I got a box of Federal supermag 3" copperplated #2 buffered shot. Wish I had bought several boxes at the time because I only have a few rounds left. What do you guys use?
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    wondering if anyone else uses blc2 for 35 whelen

    I was just wondering if anyone else uses blc2 for the whelen, and what bullet n load?
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    anyone try rl26 in the 264 wm?

    Just wondering if anyone has used rl 26 in the 264 mag yet?
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    my 2015 Muzzleloader buck

    Hopefully I posted the pic right. Applegate muzzleloader Buck taken the 2nd day. 4x3 Blacktail
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    T/C thunderHawk- needs a new barrel

    So I picked up a thunderhawk 50 cal, the barrel is badly pitted and barely can see the rifling. When I got it is was very dirty. It is beautiful on the outside after cleaning it up, inside the barrel is ugly. At 25 yards its doesnt group on a piece of 3'x3' cardboard. I plan to take it out one...
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    nosler 2nds brass

    I have used nosler 2nd bullets, but never their 2nds brass. Just wondering if its good, thought I would ask because I'm sure some of you have.