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    Quick Load Request 308 Norma Magnum

    Finally got to take my Ruger tang safety with a new 26" Shaw barrel 308 Norma Magnum to the range for a few test loads to see where it's at.I was quite impressed with the velocities.Groups where OK at 3/4",but a little load adjustment I think it will do better.I was expecting about 100fps less...
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    180gr Ballistic Tip out of the 300 Win Mag

    I used the 180gr Ballistic Tip out of my 300 Win Mag to kill this red stag.My load was 73.5grs of Hunter,mv a little over 3100fps.Shot the stag in the onside shoulder,bullet left a silver dollar size exit hole just behind the offside shoulder.Judging it's performance,I have great confidence in...
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    Accurate Powder Recall Notice

    I got an email from Western Powders that certain lots of Accurate 4064,2495 and 4350 are being recalled.It just so happens I have some of those on the recall list and have taken pictures of the container lot numbers and sent them to the company.Here is the link.
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    308 Win With 168gr Nosler Ballistic Tip Test Loads

    Ran my loads over the chronograph today.Used WLRM primer on all,with Winchester cases.The 46.5 Accurate 4064 load is slightly compressed.I shot two groups with TAC and one four shot group with the CFE223.This was all the ammo I loaded for this test.Velocities were fairly close,just a tad over...
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    30cal 165gr Ballistic Tips vs 168gr Ballistic Tips

    I was looking at the bullet lengths the other day.I seem to always have a little better accuracy with 168gr Ballistic Tips over the 165gr Ballistic Tips in most of my rifles.I just find the 168gr just easier to get to shoot better.You would think there wouldn't be that must difference in just...
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    New 338-06 Test Load

    Sent one of my 30-06 rifles to JES and had it rebored to a 338-06.I ran some test loads and this is one of my three shot groups at 100yds using 59.0grs of Ramshot Big Game and a 200gr Nosler Ballistic Silvertip.I think I'll try that one again.Gotta love those Nosler bullets.2800+ fps with a...
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    Took My Donor Rifle Out To See If It Would Shoot.

    Just bought a 1982 Remington 700 BDL 30-06.I bought it because I was thinking I would take the Leupold scope it had on it and put it on my .22 magnum,rebarrel the action with a match grade barrel and probably just sell the stock.I took it out and shot it just to see if the scope was good and...
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    7mag Test Loads

    Took my Remington 700 Long Range stainless steel 7mag out today to do a little three shot group test load and velocity checks.Was shooting only 100yds today.150gr bullets were Nosler Ballistic Tip seconds.The 160gr was Nosler Accubond seconds.Powders were Accurate-4350 and Reloader-26.
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    Cheap Borescope Not Too Bad

    I got my 10 dollar Ebay China special today.I hooked it up to my laptop and ran an inspection.I'm quite impressed with it so far.I checked one of my rifles that showed some copper fouling.Couldn't really see the detail that well until I did this.I made a slightly loose plug out of a paper...
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    Frankford Arsenal Trim and Prep Center

    I got my Frankford Arsenal Trim and Prep Center today,I tell you what,that machine is impressive.I wish I would have bought one a long time ago.It is very easy to set up,the trim lengths are consistent too.Trim,chamfer,deburr and clean primer pockets takes about 10-20 seconds for each...
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    165gr Nosler BT VS Coyote Warning:Graphic Wound Channel

    I don't think 165gr Nosler BT's are good for coyotes if you want to save the pelts,but they sure can kill them quickly.I shot this one with a 30-06 at 125yds, loaded with 58.5grs of AA-4350,WLRM primer,MV @ 2940fps.If you look close at the top of the wound cavity,you can see the little green tip.
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    150gr Nosler BT Performance On Whitetail Doe

    DRT performance @3150fps.
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    Ramshot Hunter Powder

    Has anybody loaded any Ramshot Hunter powder?That stuff meters so well out of my Redding,dropping charges right on the money.I tried some in my 30-06 the other day,59.0grs got 5/8" groups with 165gr Interbonds @ 2800fps out of a 22" barrel.Gotta try it in some of my other rifles.Think I'll see...
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    Nosler BT

    Are all of the new Nosler BT made like the Accubond?Pictured from left to right cross sectioned 1994 7mm 120gr BT,1994 7mm 150gr BT,2006 140gr. 7mm Accubond and 2010 .308 168gr. BT.