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    Hornady Bullets

    So I purchased a box of Hornady 200 grain Interlocks for the 35 Whelen while in Colorado a few years back. Yesterday I opened the box to load some up. I noticed all the bullets have this tacky grease all over them! Ran some through the media vibrator for 5-minutes and that cleaned them pretty...
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    30-06 130 TTSX LOADS

    I bought some Barnes 130 TTSX Bullets to tinker with then realized I'm very limited with the powders listed in the loading data and obviously none to be found to purchased. I do have IMR 4350, Hunter, RL22, and IMR 7828 SC powders on hand. Would any of these powders work? Anyone have load data...
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    Action screw torque settings

    Need some input here. I had my Rem 700 30-06 glass bedded, barrel free floated and pillars installed the other year. Gun has a Factory wood stock. The Smith had them torqued to 30"lbs. The POI was not so great. I then re-torqued them to 35" lbs, seemed to shoot better. When I referenced my notes...
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    Large Rifle Primer brisance chart

    Could someone give me a primer brisance chart listing the different manufacturers for standard and magnum primers? Thank-You, Don
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    Lube case necks before bullet seating?

    I apply imperial dry neck lube to the cases prior to FL resizing, place them in the media vibrator, then wipe them clean. Is it necessary to apply the dry neck lube again prior to bullet seating? Its something I've never done before. Thanks, Don
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    Removing live primers

    What is the best method to remove unwanted live primers? I recently pulled some 300 RUM loads apart. I want to reuse the casings but not the primers. I could fire them using the gun but thought I saw some past postings about using the resizing die to remove them. Thanks in advance for your...
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    Hip Surgery 3 times and Preparing for the 2020 Deer Season

    2020 has been challenging for this guy as I'm sure it has for others on here too. I had hip replacement surgery end of January then the middle of June I got Staph Infection in same hip only to have 2 more surgeries on same hip 2-weeks back to back. The set backs have been something. I had to...
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    300 RUM Loads

    Can anyone share their experience and load data using the Nosler 190 ABLR bullet? My Nephew uses this bullet in his 300 Win Mag and swears by it. My rifle is a 700 BDL with a 26" barrel that is ported. I will add this, I'm intending to go for Elk in Colorado this year and just wanted a higher...
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    Shooting in 35 Whelen with new scope

    So I had a Burris Fullfield E1 3 X 9 X 50 installed on the Whelen the other month. Finally got to the range late last week to get it on paper at 50 yds. Gun is REM. 700 Classic with 22" tube. I shot my hand loads with 225 AB's that are clocked at 2677 fps. I also had some Remington factory ammo...
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    Red Laser Bore Sighter

    I cannot find one of these specific to the 35 Whelen. So, I'm posing maybe a dumb question to the Nosler Forum Members. Can I use a 30-06 Laser Bore Sighter in the 35 Whelen possibly? Thanks, Don
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    Burris scope

    Just bought a Burris Fullfield E1 3 X 9 X 50 scope for the 35 Whelen. We'll see how it works out soon. It's replacing an older Bushnell that isn't so good in dim light conditions. Don
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    180 CT Ballistic Silver Tip

    So I bought 2-boxes of these to load up in the 30-06. 8) Anyone see any difference in these compared to the regular BT ? Is there any gain in velocity, groups sizes or cleaner bore? Thanks, Don
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    35 Whelen loads with 200 AB

    I know there has been some discussions on here with the Whelen and 200 AB in the past. I'm interested in giving this a try for Whitetails here in Tennessee. My gun is a Rem 700 Classic 22" barrel 1-16 twist Current reloads are with Rem Brass Can anyone share their load data and real experience...
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    300 RUM Brass

    When you have to make a switch from using Remington brass what have some of you done? Considering the choices of other brass manufacturers which one did you go with and what are some of your opinions and experiences? I've always used Remington brass but see the pricing is up and availability is...
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    Not happy with 2018 Deer Season

    This particular Deer Season has been very different for me. To start off 2018 here in Tennessee had done nothing but RAIN it seems at least 4-days per week, continuing that pattern into the hunting season with windy conditions. Secondly I'm a member of a 1400 acre hunting lease that has NO...
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    35 Whelen 200 grain loads

    Is anyone here using the Hornady 200 grain bullets in their 35 Whelen for Deer? Curious about the load and results. It would be nice for Nosler to consider a 200 grainer in the Partition :roll: 8) Thanks, Don
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    Tennessee Rifle for Deer opens tomorrow

    My season starts tomorrow. 8) I haven't seen the quality buck on my cams, as in years past, this year. Also noticed there are not any acorns this year either for some reason. We normally have a bumper crop in our area. The rut seems to be running late here as well. Just starting to see scrapes...
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    Proper sequence to torquing stock screws

    I've read mixed opinions on this subject, not sure what to believe. Can anyone here give me the straight on this? My gun is a 30-06 Rem 700 factory wood stock, bedded and floated with pillars. Thanks Don
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    My 30-06 at the Smith

    My 30-06 is a Rem 700 BDL, I've had for a long time. About 6-yrs. ago I had it re-blued in a flat black no glare type bluing as it was showing its age. I was able to get a take off REM 700 BDL 7MM stock off the classifieds on this site about 4-yrs ago. I just swapped out the stocks and made due...
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    IMR 8133 Powder

    Anyone try this in the 300 RUM with 200 grain bullets yet?? Don