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    Finally ... Worth The Wait

    Nice bird. I need to get into turkey hunting. And, go to West Virginia. Beautiful country.
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    bullet that shot me at close range was stopped cold, ballistics oddity.

    That “yuck” that you cannot tell what it is. Is you! 😂
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    Bear Hunting Article & Video

    👍 you need to find a way to hunt bear over hounds. It’s an absolute blast. Everyone bags on it and thinks you’re just shooting a bear out of a tree and “how hard could that be?” Let me tell ya it ain’t that easy. That tree might be a mile or more in the woods and you better run before that...
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    I know they're hard to judge from a single angle picture.

    I’d say he’s all of 350 and a bit more maybe. Definitely a keeper. He looks real healthy and has a good looking rug on him.
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    bullet that shot me at close range was stopped cold, ballistics oddity.

    Well I’m no expert but aside from a lot of luck it looks like the hollow point got plugged by whatever, being it your clothing or something. Also likely a light load, squib or otherwise faulty which is very fortunate for you again. I’m thinking your angels were all in attendance. Had that...
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    Getting into the 35 Whelen Game

    Beauty about the Whelen is that it kills efficiently whether your running it at 2400 or 2800.
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    Getting into the 35 Whelen Game

    I had decent luck with CFE223 and AA2000MR if available. Those two produced great velocities in the newest Speer manual and good accuracy in my rifle. Although I’m using RL15 as I have five pounds of it that I picked up pre hysteria. I can get 2650 fps easy with 250’s and good brass.
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    First Ever Bear (Contains Some Graphic Content)

    I run 250’s in my Whelen and have had zero issues. I think given the weather and terrain it would be hard for a “perfect“ ending. If you got off three more shots I doubt anything would be different. Don’t doubt yourself or your rig. I’d tap in some Williams fiber optic inserts into the iron...
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    Nosler...Model 21 New Model?

    Well. I have my new M21 in 300 Winchester Mag waiting for a moment off work and a gap in schedule to go out and fire some loads. I have shot JD338’s 375 and that’s about as well behaved as any magnum I have ever shot. Ive owned an 06 or two that were more unpleasant than that rifle is to shoot...
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    375 260 gr & 300 gr AB Tested

    I had a sneaking suspicion those pictures would end up here!
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    Battle of the 200 grn Round Noses

    Were these out of your 35 Rem or 358 Winchester
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    Battle of the 200 grn Round Noses

    I’m bumping an old thread and M1 will have to forgive me. Cool test and it inspires a bit of confidence in the somewhat light for caliber cup and core bullets. I listen to Hal Bloods pod cast and those guys over in Maine have nothing but good things to say about the plain old green box 200...
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    35 Whelen vs. 35 Whelen AI vs. 338-06

    Yep. Tried both CFE223 and 2000MR. Both gave 2700+safely with a smidge less than max book (Speer) loads. 2000MR gave better accuracy in my rifle. I only had one pound of 2000MR so I have limited stock of those loads. Beauty with the Whelen is you will kill everything just as dead at 2400 FPS as...
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    35 Whelen vs. 35 Whelen AI vs. 338-06

    You need a new/different recoil pad. JD338 has a 700 classic with the “red brick” recoil pad and my Whelen has much less felt recoil. I have a Hogue over molded stock on mine. Nothing too fancy but it kicks much less than a 700 classic.
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    35 Whelen vs. 35 Whelen AI vs. 338-06

    To add for details. The first deer I shot rolled over at impact and pretty much stayed put. Deer #2 fell immediately and some how “snow plowed” a short distance. Both hit in the engine room just behind the shoulder. The bear was treed over hounds and was about 12-15 feet up in a hemlock. I...
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    35 Whelen vs. 35 Whelen AI vs. 338-06

    Hawk; I finally found my way here after JD bumped me. I built my Whelen on a Ruger 77/Hawkeye SS action, Shilen 24” SS 1:14” barrel and a average Hogue pillar bedded stock. I put a wiggatinney (? Spelling) rail with an old school Leupold 3X9X40 scope from 1980 something. It’s about 8# and my...
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    Reloading Components Availability updates

    Amen. I’m rolling up on my retirement date soon and might make a trip out to Bend OR to lend a hand running a machine or two. I’ve been loading my own ammo since I was big enough to reach the handle on the loading press and have a machinist background. I hear it isn’t a raw material issue but...
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    Dad gum that doggone Nosler! ;)

    That last cupboard of JD’s is just overflow parking. He’s all set for a little while /lifetime.
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    Tell Nosler they are idiots! Everyday... on this site!

    Same. Been away for a minute. Did we have a 24Hr Campfire episode that I missed
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    35 Whelen loading questions.

    Pretty much what I figured. I can’t believe that the Remington brass was showing pressure signs when using “book” start loads though. I have never seen this before with any caliber or any other brass. Just in case I’m going to use up the rest of the loaded ammo and chuck the brass. If I use...