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  1. Lazy Bushman

    Hodgdon replied back

    wow....looks like a chemical reaction.
  2. Lazy Bushman

    Hodgdon replied back

    Your temps are not the reason for powder going bad. I spent the first 38 years of my life in Townsville where during summer, the temp is regularly around 95 as an average with nights getting down to 82 and never had powder issues. I've also lived in Wellington, NZ where top temperatures in...
  3. Lazy Bushman

    Said I was done buying.

    well done. Prices are unlikely to come down significantly for the next couple of years at least in my opinion, so in the medium term, the best time to buy is when you have the money in your pocket
  4. Lazy Bushman


    I started stocking up over 2 years ago. I would need to check exactly how much stuff I have to be sure, but it is over 26kg of powder if not closer to 30kg (2.2lb's to the kilo for those not familiar with the metric system) over 14,000 primers, more projectiles than I think I'll use for each...
  5. Lazy Bushman

    How many left-hand shooters/hunters do we have here?

    I started life as a leftie and when in my late teen's I started doing some different discipline shoots at my local SSAA range. One of those was a rapid fire shoot but being a leftie with a right handed rifle, I ended up teaching myself to shoot right handed, which is how I have been shooting...
  6. Lazy Bushman

    260 COAL

    I love a good M98 action. In all my rifles, I always load for magazine size but you are saying that magazine size is not a factor. Can you explain? What model rifle are you using? Why is the magazine not a factor in your case? For me, I would load the bullets out as far as my mag will...
  7. Lazy Bushman

    Who here has competed with firearms?

    I did once had a dingo "compete" with me and my 7mm/08 over his rights to a new born calf....dingo lost :). In seriousness I did some metallic silhouette some years back at my local SSAA range as well as 3P shoots. Both I really liked due to their applicability to hunting.
  8. Lazy Bushman

    Upgraded sights on my 45-70 Marlin

    I do like the brass. I put a RangePoint Precision peep sight on my marlin 336 and very happy with it. I also hunted for years using the factory peep sight on a Sako Finbear 30-06 I once had and loved it too. There are a lot of good things to say about peep sights for a lot of hunters
  9. Lazy Bushman

    140 AB from a 7-08 rem

    Indeed. I keep my Accubonds and my Woodliegh bullets aside for those larger, more stout animals. for general shooting with my 7/08 I use Hornady SST's as they perform well on general game (eg pigs) and a lower price point ie close to half the price per projectile compared with Nosler....sadly
  10. Lazy Bushman

    140 AB from a 7-08 rem

    The pic below is a 140gn Nosler Accubond shot from a 7/08 at ~100m behind 42grains of AR2208 (Varget). I recovered it from from a brumbies stallion just under the skin on the opposite shoulder. The weight of the recovered projectile is 108 grains equating to ~75% weight retention. The horse...
  11. Lazy Bushman

    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    If it gets the first shot pretty consistently near the point of aim (POA), then I am pretty happy with that. While I want to group as well (who doesn't) I don't go chasing tight groups. Close enough is good enough except for my 223 where I have a strong interest in groups as it's what I use...
  12. Lazy Bushman

    Using old primers?

    If stored well then there should be no issue with them.
  13. Lazy Bushman

    Springfield Waypoint 2020 Feedback

    sensible question to ask.
  14. Lazy Bushman

    Springfield Waypoint 2020 Feedback

    I shoot on a couple of places where it is flat and open which makes stalking in more difficult. Think flat and open for two square kilometres, not that I would be shooting that far as that's well beyond me. All my other bolt rifles are sporting so figured I could treat myself to something a...
  15. Lazy Bushman

    Springfield Waypoint 2020 Feedback

    Sadly I don't know any gunshot in Australia listing the Nosler rifles let alone near me. I'm sure a few of them would order me in one if I placed an order, but if I'm laying down that kind of coin I want to hold and feel it. If there are any Aussie's on the forum and know of someone with them...
  16. Lazy Bushman

    Springfield Waypoint 2020 Feedback

    @JD338 Unsure about the calibre at this stage. I would be prefer 30-06 or 300win on that platform. I do want to get me a 338 win mag but not sure that the rifle is suited to it but if they did that would be my pick. Based their offering I'm thinking it will have to be either 308 or 6.5PRC. I...
  17. Lazy Bushman

    Springfield Waypoint 2020 Feedback

    Hi all. Seeking feedback on the Springfield Waypoint 2020 from anyone who happens to have one. It would be nice if the calibre range was broader but it is certainly on my list so seeking feedback on any experience people might have. Cheers in advance.
  18. Lazy Bushman

    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    We have Koala's Bear's but illegal to shoot :)
  19. Lazy Bushman

    Varget and the 30-30 ?

    According to the manufacturer of Target (ADI Powders of Australia) Varget (real name AR2208) is well suited for the 170gn'ers. I use it for the 160gn FTX effectively and will soon be loading for the 170 Speers using AR2208 (Varget). Checkout...