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  1. BruceP

    Whitetail Fawn

    This one was taken at the bottom of my driveway in the field between my drive and my brothers house. It's twin was just a few yards away and of course mom was close by. I almost forgot to post this one here.
  2. BruceP

    Own any rifles you haven't shot?

    I have some that haven’t been shot “in awhile” but none that have never been shot.
  3. BruceP

    What 25 caliber (.257) cartridges do you own or want to own?

    The only 25 that I have right now in my XP100 25 Creedmoor and I love it. I have had a Ruger M77 257 Roberts and the 257 JDJ both handgun and carbine length. I have loaded for a Browning A-bolt 25-06 that my cousin had and it was a great shooter though it only had a 22' barrel. I would love to...
  4. BruceP

    Less than pleasant subject

    I know this is an old post but the original post sounds so familiar to me. Several years ago I wanted to take a deer with my C Sharps 45-70 and a 405 grain cast bullet. I had a doe come out at about 70-80 yards and she was quartering slightly away. My thoughts for the quickest kill was to put...
  5. BruceP

    Sierra , 107 tipped matchking

    Ernie has cost me a few $$$ on those specialty pistols but not as much as he has others. (only because my gun money always seems to be depleted when one comes up that I want):(
  6. BruceP

    Quickload please

    Cartridge : 6.5-280 Ack Imp Bullet : .264, 140, Hornady ELD-M 26331 Useable Case Capaci: 66.299 grain H2O = 4.305 cm³ Cartridge O.A.L. L6: 3.330 inch = 84.58 mm Barrel Length : 26.0 inch = 660.4 mm Powder : Winchester 6,5 StaBall *T*C Predicted data by...
  7. BruceP

    Quickload please

    Please remember to start low and work up this is without your actual OAL. and capacity. I have had pressure signs show 3-4 rows above what calculates as max. with some of my combos. Cartridge : 6.5-280 Ack Imp Bullet : .264, 140, Hornady ELD-M 26331 Useable Case Capaci...
  8. BruceP

    Upgrading the Striker

    In my 16” barreled XP100 I've been getting excellent results with 100 grain ballistic tips and 100 grain matchkings with RL15 and more recently Staball 6.5. I haven't quite had the luck that Ernie and others have had with H4350 yet.
  9. BruceP

    25 Creedmoor

    I’m using Redding 6.5 Creedmoor full length S bushing dies and without looking I’m pretty sure a .282 bushing. I neck turn to a thickness of .013”. The Lapua brass was very close to that and I could have got by without turning but did it anyway since I was set up. The starline brass needed...
  10. BruceP

    Springtime Black Bear

    I managed to get some of my best bear images yet this past weekend. Here are a few.
  11. BruceP

    Eastern Blue Bird (added second image)

    No problem. I don’t feel that you stole the post, only added to it. I love your feeder
  12. BruceP

    Eastern Blue Bird (added second image)

    I'm not much for bird photography but I'm still playing with the Sigma 150-600.
  13. BruceP


    Vince I have a cousin that use to ride bulls. He was a high school state champion for 3 years in a row back in the 80's and still has a rodeo company now. Personally I never found the need to get on one.
  14. BruceP

    Seven calls go on a picnic

    Ah so during the off season you can use them as a coaster. I would have never thought of that. LOL
  15. BruceP

    Playing With My Camera

    What camera are you playing with Vince?
  16. BruceP

    quickload update

    I purchased late last year and it's not listed in mine.
  17. BruceP

    Real World .270 Win Velocities

    130 grain NBT with AA3100 chronographs 3067 fps from a 22” barrel.
  18. BruceP

    Still a beginner

    I'm having this issue too. I haven't tried to use the classifieds but I am still showing as a beginner and I have logged out on both my computer and phone at the same time but when I log back in it still shows the same.
  19. BruceP

    Ram Portrait

    Great photo Guy.