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  1. Orezona

    Nosler 280 Ackley Improved Brass Out Of Stock No Back Order

    Every where I look this is the situation. What do you think is going on? Why is there no Back Order on the brass Nosler had SAAMI approved?
  2. Orezona

    280 AI SAAMI Criterion Pre-fit 22" 1:8.5 Heavy Sporter

    I believe from research that 24" is ideal. However, I'd like to have the barrel in 22" to put on my 116 WW that currently sits in a B&C Medalist with a Zeiss HD5 3-15x50. Main bullets to be used would be 150 BT's and AB's and 160 AB's (Reloads with on hand H4831SC). Will this 22" 8.5 twist...