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    2021 Wyoming Antelope

    My daughters and I came over to Wyoming to do some antelope hunting. Our tags had to be used on, or within a half mile of irrigated land so our choices were limited. But they both tagged out yesterday and I filled my tag today. I’d like to say we ALL used Nosler bullets, but my youngest...
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    Ruger .35 Whelen

    I haven’t fired my .35 Whelen since Africa, in May of 2012. Took the rest of the loads I had to the range today and fired one shot at 200 yards. They are 250 grain PT’s. After I saw the target I packed up and went home.
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    Toning it down a bit

    I have a really accurate, but stout load for my .450 Marlin using the Remington 405 grain bullet. My guide gun doesn't wear a scope so the gun isn't very heavy and quite frankly the load isn't very pleasant to shoot. I dropped down a bit in the powder charge and now have a load that doesn't...
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    Lever action Thursday

    So I've been sitting around all week on vacation twiddling my thumbs. I think it's the first time I've ever taken time off and just stayed home. I had some days to use or I would lose them and I'm not about to give time back. My buddy called and we decided to hit the range. It's rainy and...
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    .348 owners

    Question for those of you that have had, currently have or just plain know the answer. Did Speer make a 220 grain bullet for the .348? Ran across a guy that says he has some. I can't find much on the internet but maybe I'm not looking in the right place. My guess is they may be as old as me.
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    .458 BT in .450/.45-70

    Anyone used the .458 round nose 300 grain BT out of a .450Marlin/45-70 on anything bigger than a deer? I've got a ton of the Remington 405 grainers, enough that I will probably never shoot them in my lifetime, but wouldn't mind experimenting with a lighter bullet, but I want a tough one...
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    My SE Montana hunt

    Had a good trip to SE Montana this past week. Saw a ton of deer on private land and plenty to go around on public, if you were willing to work a little bit. My buddy that I work with and served in the Marines with have hunted together for 25 years. We did the same trip two years ago and...
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    Removing live primers

    Guys, gals and any extraterrestrial's that may have experience doing this, I have a question. In my 30+ years of reloading I've never removed any live primers from a case. I have 20 cases that were given to me with primers and I want to take them out. What's your best method to insure you...
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    A few for the smoker

    Don't know why I'm so busy right now, but it seems like this year is going by way too fast. I've been able to get some fishing in at a lake close by. Here's a haul of rainbows my daughter and I caught about 9 days ago. I'm going to try and get out at least one day, each of the next two...
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    I had to do it

    So I picked up a Ruger. SR1911 today. I haven't had a 1911 in a long time and I've had the itch to get one for a few years, just had other priorities. I started my Marine Corps years with a 1911 on post before they made us go to the 9mm. Then I carried a Colt Commander for about 5 years at...
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    Columbia River Sturgeon

    I can't hardly describe how epic the sturgeon fishing was on Wednesday in the Columbia river. I caught 21, landing 18, having 3 get off after fighting them for a bit. One ended up breaking the hook after about a 10 minute battle. Two fish went over 7 feet, with many more in the 6 foot...
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    S&W 5 shot .44 Special

    I was at a graduation party the other day and the Dad asks me if I want to see his new gun, uhh yes! Pulls out a stainless 3 inch, full underlug, 5 shot .44 Special with no lock. Guessing a L frame as it appeared identical to my 686 3 inch. I have seen the .45's before but never a .44...
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    New holster

    So my 686 plus, 3 inch got a nice piece of leather to ride around in.
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    New toy

    Picked up my new 686 today. Headed to the range tomorrow.
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    Spring Bear

    My permit for spring bear in Western Washington starts today. Once I get some grocery shopping done I'll be heading for the hills. I've decided to bounce back and forth between my .450 Marlin and .35 Whelen for the hunt this year. I haven't taken anything with the Whelen since I went to...
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    Nosler factory

    I'm currently in Bend for work. Heading down to the Nosler factory in a few minutes for a tour. Should be very interesting.
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    30 cal 165 BT vs 168 BT

    I've never loaded either and don't have any to compare. Besides the 3 grains difference in weight I see the 168 is .017 longer, is the profile very different? I'm guessing it must be because there is a little bit of a jump in the BC. Just curious.....I'm bored
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    Shots you passed on

    One of the other threads got me thinking, which is dangerous and bad for my health. I've read a lot where people are saying they ran out of cover, or couldn't get any closer, or the animal was heading for cover so I took the shot at xxx yards. Before anyone's heart rate jumps up, I'm not...
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    The little Swede that could.....

    So there I was....(always wanted to start a story like that) headed to the range this morning to meet my buddy with his chronograph. I've been working out two bullets for my Ruger No 1 RSI in 6.5x55. A 140 Ballistic Tip and a 140 Partition. Both bullets measure 3.080 to the lands in my...
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    Winter kill

    Interesting cause of pronghorn deaths. I guess winter kill has many faces. I suppose they wouldn't have been eating the Yew shrubs if there was some other feed available? ... panese-yew