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    Ballistic Tip vs Accubond Long Range

    I have been loading the 150 gr Ballistic Tips in my Remington 7mm Magnums for 30+ years and have taken a lot of Whitetails with them. Needless to say, I'm satisfied with their performance and most of my shots are 200 yards or less. My favorite load has a muzzle velocity of 3010 fps out of a 24"...
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    120 Gr Ballistic Tip Bullets

    I recently acquired 2 boxes of 120 gr Ballistic Tips from an estate sell. These 2 boxes have 100 each in them and I have no idea how old they are. I have heard that Nosler increased the wall thickness on these 120 gr due to bullet fragmentation. I've also read that the boxes of 100 are the "old"...
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    Accubond Disappointment

    I loaded 6 test rounds for my Remington 700 in .280 Rem caliber, 22" barrel. Brass is once fired Remington, bullets are 140 gr Accubond, primers CCI 200, powder IMR 4350. Bullets seated .030" off lands. I loaded 2 at 53.0 grs, 2 at 53.5 grs and 2 at 54.0 grs. Distance was 100 yards and shooting...
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    Nosler Trophy Grade 280 REM Ammo

    Does anyone know what brand/type powder and weight charge the Nosler Trophy Grade 280 Rem bullets have with the 140 gr Accubond bullets? Just curious.
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    Remington .280 Brass

    I'm looking for 2 or 3 boxes of the Remington .280 unprimed brass # U280 in the orange and green boxes. Please look at photo.
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    Remington 700 VTR Value

    Does anyone know what a fair asking price would be for a Remington 700 VTR in Desert Camo .308? Gun In excellent condition. No scope, rings or bases.
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    Ballistic Tip vs Accubond Long Range

    I have a Remington 700 in 7mm Rem Mag that I have been loading 150 gr Ballistic Tips at 3050 fps for about 20 years. I average harvesting 3-7 Whitetails a season with them, and for the most part, am very pleased with them. I have tower stands on power lines, huge clear-cuts and big agriculture...
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    Case Trimmer

    I'm needing a new case trimmer and after reading reviews of several different brands, I'm not certain. Seems like every one I research has both great and terrible reviews. I was wanting an RCBS Trim Pro 90355 but mixed reviews. I'm wanting a kit that I don't have to go back out and buy pilots or...
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    Nosler BT Seating Depth/Jump

    I'm going to load some 120 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips for a 7mm-08 this weekend and was wondering on bullet seating depth. Any of you guys load these bullets and if so, what seems to be the best "jump" for maximum accuracy? I don't want to shoot all my bullets up experimenting with various seating...
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    Reconditioned Scopes

    I've been looking at Leupold scope prices on different web sites and most of the big retailers such as Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops are usually priced the same. But when I go on Ebay, I can find the same scopes for $100 less or sometimes even more. When I email the Ebay guys and ask them if these...
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    120 gr BT

    I have read that Nosler made the jacket thicker on the 120 gr 7mm BT sometime in the past. Does anyone know what year that was? I got 2 unopened boxes of the 120 gr BT 7mm bullets when I bought a used rifle recently. I want to load them for a 7mm-08 I have but I am wondering if the bullets were...
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    Mystery Powder

    I "unloaded" a 7mm rem mag handload that had 67.0 grs of powder under a 140 gr BT. Can any of you identify this powder? RL 22 maybe since 67.0 is max load for that powder.
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    Bullet Weight

    Which weight bullet would you prefer shooting Whitetails from a 7mm Rem Mag at 300-400 yards? Also, would you prefer the Ballistic Tip or Accu-Bond? I'm leaning towards the 150 gr thinking that maybe the wind wouldn't effect it as much as a 140 gr. But, the 150 is going to drop more due to it...
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    7mm-08 Question

    I have a Remington Model 7 FS in 7mm-08. It has the 18.5" lightweight barrel, sometimes referred to as the "pencil" barrel. This rifle scoped and fully loaded with a nylon sling weighs 6 lbs 8 ozs and kicks like a mule! My current load is 49 grains of H414 and 130 gr Speer Hot-Core bullet...
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    Newbie Here

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and thanks for letting me be part of this site. :grin: