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    Amazon Deal limit 4 Pretty good price for some storage cans if you need any.
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    SPS has 7mm partitions get em while you can
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    SPS has a sale with free $99 shipping Some bullets in stock nothing I really need but maybe someone here can find something with decent price.
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    I'm an idiot

    Well I was playing at an Auction house about 80 miles from my home. I was bidding on a Ruger 77 stainless Mark II with a Boyds stock. I placed some bids over last weekend and decided I was done but the Auction got extended one day for website freeze they had Monday. Just for the heck of it I put...
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    I never liked plastic stocks

    So my Tikka .270W got a face lift. I prefer wood but since it is a stainless rifle and the one I use on nasty wintry days hunting deer I went with the composite stock and the green goes well with the look of stainless.
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    Powder Valley

    Just to let people know PV has had a lot of powders an primers last two days. Around noon today they actually had Winchester small rifle primers, it's the first Winchester primers I've seen for sale in two years. They right now have reloader 16, I see H4831 in 8 pound jugs they also had IMR...
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    Hodgdon website has clearance on reload manual.

    They are clearing out the older Western Powders manuals for $4.99. I have Big Game, Hunter, and a couple of the pistol powders so for the price to me it is worth it I like having physical manuals over searching online at times.
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    Powder Valley Prvi bullets I just bought some of these at 139 grain should make a good deer round I have been watching for awhile they finally came in stock. As of now they have 7 left in stock if anybody else needing some hunting bullets in 6.5.
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    SPS 6.5 120 Etips Going fast $1 shipping tonight.
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    Powder valley has some primers

    I got 3000 small rifle but will use as small pistol. CCI small rifle an they have cci bench rest an some federal large pistol in stock
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    Reloading bench space saver

    I got these little plastic containers a few years ago from a Menard's store I wish I would of gotten more colors they work well. They lock and stack on each other and are somewhat thick hard plastic so can handle weight of bullets well. I will see if I can find them again and stock up on more...
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    Valentine chocolate and candy corn

    Decided to make some small test batches of 6.5 Creed in 100 grain chocolate tipped Noslers using Norma 203-B and 120 grain using RE-17. Another batch was 30/06 Norma 170 grain Tipstrikes using RE-17, Staball 6.5, and Norma URP. Now just need to warm up a little to test them I have two each of...
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    Reloader 15

    I can't remember where but someone was looking for RE 15, Powder Valley has Norma 203B which is basically almost the same in fact Norma sells their powder to Alliant so very close replacement just more expensive.
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    45/70 QL request with Ramshot Exterminator

    here are the stats Ramshot Exterminator 45/70 Starline Brass 300 grain Nosler ballistic silver tips OAL 2.55 I have multiple rifles but mainly this is for a Ruger 1 in 22 inch barrel. This is for my new jug of Ramshot Exterminator, I do have Reloader 7 and IMR 4198 which have recipes for...
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    Powder Valley has powders hurry ... ss-powder/