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  1. LD375

    piced up my bear mount today

    Hi fellas, Silvio did a great job again, here's a few picks before I cam home, more pics to follow :grin: Lou
  2. LD375

    spring bear mount almost ready

    Hi fellas, my spring black bear mount is almost ready :grin: ..we took the hide out of the final tanning solution 4 days ago, my form is in and should be all finished next week sometime, we're going to also add some habitat to the mount as well, I'll post some pics when it's all complete, here's...
  3. LD375

    Bear hunter/hunters wanted for 2017 spring hunt

    Hi fellas, I'm looking for 1-3 bear hunters to join me for a spring bear hunt in Timmons Ontario which is about 7 hours north of Toronto Ontario, you can PM me for any details. The outfitter is Thunder stock outfitters, you can check out their web site also...
  4. LD375

    Ontario 2016 spring bear hunt successful

    Hi fellas, I got to camp late Saturday afternoon, got all my gear unpacked etc, started hunting Sunday afternoon, I was in my tree stand at 4:15 pm, boy it didn't take long, at about 4:45 a nice Bear came out and played around the bait without any decent shot opportunity , the he finally gave me...
  5. LD375

    temerature change and effects on rifle ammo

    Hi fellas, I'm just getting ready for my spring bear hunt and took the 300 win mag to the range yesterday to fine tune, here's what happened with the 180gr Nosler Partitions Last time out was in March temp was 41 deg F at 50yds 1.2" high and 2.5" high at 100 yds Yesterday temp was 70 deg F at...
  6. LD375

    200gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw 300 win mag..(update)

    :grin: ..just gathering up some more jugs and going to run one into the jugs @2700 fps from about 10 yds, looking forward to see how they do, the did well in my 7mm rem mag, but going to see how the do from my 300 win mag, bear hunt is next month, stay tuned, I'll update in a week or two (y) Lou
  7. LD375

    300 win mag 180gr Partition (protected point)

    Fired this morning from my 300 win mag @ close to 3000 fps from a distance of 10 yds to see how well this bullet would hold up to the stress test, Expansion is .588" Weight retention was 122grs The bullet made a good size hole in the 7th jug, with water pouring out of it, but some how stayed...
  8. LD375

    Wilson Electronics cell phone booster

    Just wanted to know if anyone has used a cell phone booster in remote areas, I've used it in newfoundland with great reception, I'll be hunting in a remote area this May that has no cell phone reception so I went out and bought one as well as the home/office kit with everything I need for my...
  9. LD375

    Spring Bear hunt booked

    :) ..Just got off the phone with Gary from Northern Ontario and booked a spring Bear hunt for May 28th -June the 4th :grin: ..The main camp is about 7 hours from home, then they take you in to the cabin by boat, fully equipped and stuff, man I can't wait!..The wifey is coming too!..This is a new...
  10. LD375

    Got my bear mount today

    Hi Guys, I picked up my bear mount this morning, it looks real good and very happy with Silvio's work on this one, I chose a closed mouth for this one, he wasn't very big, but had a supper great hide on him, that's what matters to me the most :) ..Thanks Silvio at pro line taxidermy!
  11. LD375

    2 weeks away for Moose

    Well, the time has almost come, I'm flying out again to newfoundland on the 31st, I almost had to cancel do to some home renovations, but things are going well, and I'm ready to go. I'll be totting my 300 win mag loaded with 180gr swift scirocco's for this trip, along with my new stock from...
  12. LD375

    Leaving on Sunday for Black Bear

    Well, the time has come pretty fast!..The wifey and I are leaving this Sunday morning for our journey to northern Ontario in pursuit of one of my favourite game animals, it's going to be a combo vacation/hunt, we're both looking forward to it :grin: ..I'll be taking along my Beretta 12 gauge...
  13. LD375

    New stock for Tikka T3 300 win mag

    I ordered a new stock for Mountain Tactical (Tikka performance center in Montana USA) along with an aluminum bolt shroud as well, the new stock is fitted with a limbsaver recoil pad, as well as a stainless steel recoil lug as well. Thanks Jason and Lynn McHann for your excellent service and help...
  14. LD375

    Pelican 1750 (customer service)

    I just recently bought another Pelican 1750 hard case for my travels, awesome case as I had got mine with the upgraded higher density center foam, BUT most of all is the Pelican products company all the way out in California USA!..Man there customer service is the best I have yet to see...
  15. LD375

    300 win mag 165gr vs 180gr PT

    Thinking of trying these 2 bullets for black bear and moose this fall, I'm leaning towards the 165gr nosler partition for up to and including moose, any opinions would be great. I think the 165gr is a perfect blend having the speed of the 150gr and knock down power of the 180gr. Thanks for...
  16. LD375

    Can polymer be as strong as metal?

    Hi fellas, I've always wondered about this, and came across this video, very interesting I must say, I've always found polymer to be just as strong myself,Lou :)
  17. LD375

    Black Bear Sausage (smoked cheddar sausage)?

    Just wanted to know if any of you bear hunters have tried or made smoked cheddar bear sausage? I have a bear hunt coming up in September and would like some feed back on your experience with smoked bear sausage (it's pretty much the only way I would eat it) If I score, I'm planning on the...
  18. LD375

    180 Swift Scirocco II - .300 win mag

    Shot this bullet today right off the muzzle, maybe 10yds tops, shoots awesome and looks like a winner. Muzzle velocity 2960 fps, 6 jugs, expansion .636" and retained 144grs (80%) Lou
  19. LD375

    Range day-Tikka 300 win mag

    Got a new 300 win mag, I'm very pleased with it's "out of the box accuracy" :) ..Here's what I got today shooting 180gr swift scirocco's @100yds One 3 shot group, and then a five shot group One 3 shot group After break in and adjustments, I left it off at this, heck for factory loaded ammo...
  20. LD375

    Moose melt down

    I lost about 150lbs of moose meat today :roll: ..I went into the freezer this morning to take out some moose cutlets and to my surprize the darn freezer was toast :roll: what a waste, it was totally thawed out, all of it, it must have been like that for atleast a week or so :( I told the...