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    125 Years of excellent service.

    G'Day Fella's, I was having a play with some of my J.M. Browning designed firearms, the other day (on the anniversary of Mr J.M.Browning's passing, November 26). As I was handing my 1892 Lever Action, I got to thinking and then doing the sums....... and came to the conclusion, that 2017, minus...
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    Powder/Poly Coated Cast Bullets

    G'Day Fella's, Some time ago, I cast up a heap of bullets for my .375 H&H and .404 Jeffery rifles. I intended to try and develop some reduced loads, to save costs and still get more "Trigger Therapy", with these rifles. Since then, I purchased some Powder Coating powder (various colours), and...
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    Agenda 21 explained

    G'Day Fella's, Here is a link, that helps explain What Agenda 21 is, and How it is being applied. This is from an Australian politician and perspective. So given this and the wonderful US President Donald Trump, this probably applies a lot less in the US these days (compared to other countries...
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    CCI Primer strength

    G'Day Fella's, Here is a chart that is apparently true and correct, on the strength of CCI primers. Doh! Homer
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    An inside view...............

    G'Day Fella's, No shortage of reloaders, seem to be a bit in the dark about what's on the inside of a Rifle and Pistol barrel. So I set up a used .308 Win barrel in my milling machine, and removed a bit of the exterior of it, to give you an inside look. Here's a view of the chamber area...
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    Old eye's and New options

    G'Day Fella's, As a result of not getting any younger, I've had to start wearing glasses for reading. I also have to wear them when, when I'm shooting a handgun (and iron sighted rifles)..... until now. I had previously designed and then machined up a mount and then fitted it and a Trijicon RMR...
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    Something a bit smaller for a change...

    G'Day Fella's, For a few years now, I have had a Norinco M701, bolt action (a Chinese copy of Pre 64 Winchester M70), in 7.62x39. The main reason I purchased this rifle, was the distinct lack of any rifles in this calibre in Australia, since the 1996 By Back (Confiscation/Theft) scheme. It has...
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    My Long Ranger, has a New Dress!

    G'Day Fella's, I've had a Rem 700 MLR in .338 Lap Mag for a few years now, and after bedding the action into the factory HS Precision stock I got some great groups (even with hunting bullets)! A mate of mine has his own machine shop and has been making Light Weight...
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    This might explain a few things..................

    G'Day Fella's, Not sure if you have already seen this but just in case, it is worth the time. Now the speaker is a Kiwi (New Zealander) so be aware of his accent. ... video_user Doh! Homer
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    Australia's Gun Buy Back was a Failure!

    G'Day Fella's, 20 years and $1,000,000,000.00 and counting later...............FYI. ... e-amnesty/ Double Doh!! Homer
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    Older in particular, Dovetailed Centrefire rifles

    G'Day Fella's, For some time now, I have had a thing for Post WWII sporting rifles. In particular, being a British Colony and luckily, Australia had it's fair share of UK built sporting firearms in use here. We also had no shortage of other European sporting rifles, like firearms made by Brno...
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    Something Extra Special

    G'Day Fella's, I recently imported a few of these for a customer/mate of mine. Here are some images of one of them, in.270 Win. Enjoy Homer
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    A bit of the Old and some of the New

    G'Day Fella's, FYI, here are some of my recent purchases and .......... yet another Project. Avagreatweekendeh! Homer
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    MSR retailer in the US or Canada?

    G'Day Fella's, This not a product review but more of an enquiry about where I can purchase MSR products (specifically- a Reactor camp stove, Tent and Snow Shoes), from a retailer in the US or Canada? FYI, here is a link to the MSR web site but they won't sell to persons, outside the US...
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    How come no .257" B/Tips Mr Nosler?

    G'Day Mr Nosler, Just wondering, I've had a heap of .257" 100grn Ballistic Tips on back order, for over 6 months now. Any idea when these may become available again? Looking forward to any info on this. Regards Homer
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    A word of warning, from the past!

    G'Day Fella's, FYI, ... 573515811/ Doh! Homer
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    How rifle stocks are made these days!

    G'Day Fella's, I thought some of you blokes may like to see how rifles stocks are roughed out, by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine centers these days. Keep an eye out, for when the machine makes it's tool changes (x2)! ... 1462504317 Regards Homer
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    Lightweight camping and emergency shelter

    G'Day Fella's, FYI, ... 887470/0#0 Hope that helps Doh! Homer
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    Some repairs to my Dillon 550B press

    G'Day Fella's, I have owned and seriously used my 550B reloading press, for around 20 years now. I'm an absolute fan of Mr Dillon's products (Pistol Dies, Primer Crimp remover etc) but especially his reloading presses! Anyway, several thousand rounds ago, being short on spare time, I did a...
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    Preparing and then Epoxy Bedding a CZ 453 in .17HMR

    G'Day Fella's, I have for some time now, been wanting to get myself a .17 HRM rifle. I had been contemplating getting one of the new Lithgow Arms 101's but then, thats another story................................ So last week, I contacted a mate that owns and...