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    Amazon Deal limit 4 Pretty good price for some storage cans if you need any.
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    SPS has 7mm partitions get em while you can

    They went fast they were gone in about 10 minutes, I got my order in and after only 1 was left.
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    SPS has 7mm partitions get em while you can
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    Anyone Else Noticed?

    Maybe that is the Colombian special with some white stuff inside.
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    New 35 caliber bullets

    I never bought any yet but heard Hawk bullets are good and they make multiple .358 projectiles in multiple weights.
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    Powder Valley and Taxes

    Taxes plus they raised their pricing on primers higher as well. Just noticed the small rifles went from $75 to $85.
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    Handloading Supply

    I think this was posted before but the address was different then. The 5 and 4 star ratings are making me LMAO read them. I had an extraordinary involvement in… I had an extraordinary involvement in and their items. Finding what I needed, adding it to my shopping basket...
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    Loading the 30-06 for South Africa Plains Game

    Probably kind of late but I have 167 grain E-tips if you wanted to try.
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    Where are all the Ballistic Tips? In stock again.
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    Where are all the Ballistic Tips?

    They had 165s last week.
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    Norma Bullets

    Oryx are sledge hammers they really knock deer down. I will be trying the bondstrikes and the tipstrikes but really like the Oryx bullets most shots are instant drops but if they run they leave massive blood trails, this with the 165 grain 30/06 Oryx out of my model 70.
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    SPS has a sale with free $99 shipping Some bullets in stock nothing I really need but maybe someone here can find something with decent price.
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    Undersized BT

    Size difference is enough but a .284 in a .277 box might make it through and that could be dangerous.
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    Undersized BT

    Maybe they decided to shrink packaging instead of raising prices like all other companies are doing. You'll have to order 8mm to get 7.62.
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    BR-2 primers on Natchez

    in 2020 just before Covid I believe it was Grafs that I bought Federal 215M primers a brick of 5000 for $170 on sale. I really lucked out at the time as I had roughly 2000 rifle primers for stock and sales were going on so I bought as I was starting to ramp up my reloading. Maybe in a year or...
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    I'm an idiot

    Natchez had some Ramshot Magnum so I grabbed 5lbs and a set of RCBS matchmaster dies. Just need bullets which I will order today from Norma since 7mm is running pretty scarce and I have experience with Norma in my 30/06 so I will go with bullets I know. Only other thing is set of new scope...
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    components coming back

    For awhile this past month Powder Valley was getting a lot of CCI small rifle and small pistol primers. I scored well since March from them. Last Friday they went back to limit 1000 so with Hazmat if you are not getting other stuff gets expensive. I just missed 8lb jug of Retumbo for my new 7mm...
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    I'm an idiot

    I was doing a search for scopes first time I heard about them and the Demo sale has some good prices so a 4x14 makes a good Elk scope for the Ruger.
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    I'm an idiot

    It was a little bit sarcasm I like the rifle would not of bid on it if I didn't but it is a little costly as now I got to gear up for it as it is my first 7mm. I may go on a Colorado Elk hunt next year if so this and my .338 wmag will both go with me. Luckily I checked Powder Valley for brass...
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    I'm an idiot

    Well I was playing at an Auction house about 80 miles from my home. I was bidding on a Ruger 77 stainless Mark II with a Boyds stock. I placed some bids over last weekend and decided I was done but the Auction got extended one day for website freeze they had Monday. Just for the heck of it I put...