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    180 Accubond 300 Win Mag

    I’ve only recovered one Accubond, pretty much a twin to that one.(y)
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    Shiras Bull

    Guy, I hunted Moose up in BC back in 2003. I took a young bull and was happy as could be. I’d like to hunt moose again soon and think the .450 Marlin with either of the bullets you mentioned would be my rifle of choice.
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    Two Feet of Snow Overnight!

    Guy, it’s our fault on the wet side. It had warmed up to almost 50 and was raining like a cow…well, you know the rest. In the 30 years I’ve lived in this state I don’t remember a fall/winter where I have not seen the sun as much as this year.
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    Went looking for a S&W 686 Plus... end up with something els

    I’m with you on the looks of the performance center guns, just not my thing. The exception is my buddies comped 586, that’s one I’d take. I needed up with a 686plus with a 3 inch barrel a few years ago. Really love the balance of that gun.
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    Reloading and Shooting the 30-30 Story & Video

    Guy, liked the video, very well done. A buddy I grew up with in Wisconsin has his Dad’s old Glenfield .30-30. When that thing would come out of the gun cabinet it meant the Dad’s we’re headed north. They would always hunt opening weekend at home but had to use shotguns with slugs. When...
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    .375 H&H Mag vs. 9.3x62mm

    I was able to make a trip to Africa in 2012 where I used my .35 Whelen on 4 of the 8 animals I took. The PH I was with toted a Husqvarna 9.3x62. We compared the merits of the 2 cartridges and at the time a .35 made more sense for me due to the availability of bullets. The 9.3 seems to have...
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    No stopping this fella

    Looks to be a very successful hunt and what a way to spend Thanksgiving!
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    Colorado ‘21

    Very nice buck and it sounds like you had a great trip. Congratulations!
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    Got it done today

    Exceptional buck! Congratulations
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    Wild life art work...

    Do you have a local gun club that would have a place to hang it?
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    Happy Birthday Marines!

    Semper Fi
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    Daughter's whitetail

    Absolutely terrific!! Having raised two daughters, and taken them hunting, there is nothing I enjoyed more than to watch them succeed and harvest an animal. Even at 21 and 24 now, I don’t even carry a rifle until they tag out.
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    Son’s ‘21 Muley

    That is a really nice buck. Congratulations to your son!!
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    Grandson scored

    That is a dandy of a black tail. Good for him!!
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    Grand Teton National Park, Sept 2021

    Well Guy, it looks like I probably drove right past you somewhere on my way home. The girls and I spent a couple days in Yellowstone and the Tetons after we left our Antelope hunt. Some terrific photos you’ve taken there. It truly is a magical place for sure.
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    Got my Sauer.

    That’s a gorgeous looking rifle
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    2021 Wyoming Antelope

    Thanks all. It’s been a great trip and have been able to hang out with a buddy and his family this week. Some game processing to start on and then a couple days around Yellowstone and the Tetons before we head home.
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    2021 Wyoming Antelope

    My daughters and I came over to Wyoming to do some antelope hunting. Our tags had to be used on, or within a half mile of irrigated land so our choices were limited. But they both tagged out yesterday and I filled my tag today. I’d like to say we ALL used Nosler bullets, but my youngest...
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    Gen 5 Glock

    So for years I carried a Gen 3 with no problems, but I’ve got fairly large hands. For the last couple of years it’s been a Gen 5, but I don’t put any backstrap on it so it’s smaller than a Gen 3. At the risk of being haunted from the grave of John Browning, the Gen 5 without a backstrap kinda...
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    Ruger .35 Whelen

    Well…bears seen but nothing fell to the Whelen. Went on several stalks trying to get my daughter on a bear, and even got to within 40 yards but the brush was too high to see the bear. It’s only a six hour drive to my buddies place so we will head back, and of course the Whelen will go.