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    I've known several friends / family with a Ruger American in various chamberings. They've all been accurate. I'm sure you were excited and pleased about the group you posted.
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    280 AI brass

    It's hard to come by right now but Peterson 280AI is the best brass I've ever used. Peterson is the American made version of Lapua.
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    Norma Bullets

    I'm sure they make fantastic bullets but they are so expensive. Just for plain ole deer hunting I just can't justify the cost.
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    WTB Hornady SST for .338

    I'm looking to see if anyone here has any .338 Hornady 200gr SSTs ? If you have any that you'd be willing to part with would you please PM me ? Thanks Ben
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    Its Over.....

    NP, That's a cheap (compared to your merkels and furlocks) Baikal IZH 94. It was russian made and imported through European America Arms in Florida. It's a 12ga / 223rem. I currently load 55gr Sierra SP over 23gr BL-C2. The 12ga barrel patterns very good with the choke tube I have in it right...
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    Its Over.....

    Since I still had a 2nd spring turkey tag, Ive hunted a few mornings. I have kinda had the attitude that if I could take a 2nd bird, that would great, but if I didn't then it would just be nice to be outside in the beautiful spring woods. Yesterday morning before work I went to a farm that Ive...
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    Finally ... Worth The Wait

    So I took 2 weeks off from work to turkey hunt in my home state of West Virginia. Granted, I did hunt a great deal of those 2 weeks, but just being off work was nice also. During those 2 weeks I managed to get out for 9 mornings. In those 9 hunts, I only had 1 chance at a bird when a buddy...
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    Experiences with 8MM's

    Thanks for sharing all your pics and 8mm experiences. I too love the 8mm bore but I only have experience from the 8x57. I have only harvested whitetail with it this far but I've been pleased. I'm curious about your experience with the 180gr Nosler Ballistic Tip. You don't have to list your...
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    .338 Bullets Jacket Thickness Comparison

    grry, I too had read the same comments about the 215 SGK, and even in the Sierra Manual in the bullet description sections they say it needs to be pushed at top velocities, yet they also list data for the same bullet out of the 338 Fed, yet no mention about necessary velocity for that cartridge...
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    .338 Bullets Jacket Thickness Comparison

    I recently had a JES rebore project that came back as a 338-06. Picked up a good supply of various .338 bullets. Got bored one night and decided to use my hacksaw to section some bullets. I realize these are very rough and jagged cuts, but even through the saw marks you can see the jacket...
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    Light bullets in the 6.5 Creedmoor

    Tacdriver beat me to it, the 120 Nos BT would be a great bet. I had good luck with the 120gr Hornady GMX (now called CX) this past deer season taking 2 deer, both exhibited great penetration and no meat damage. I haven't shot any deer yet, but the 123gr SST has been really accurate for me as...
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    SOLD - Remington 700 Trigger For Sale

    Trigger is Sold
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    WTT Barnes TTSX 8mm

    I have 112 of the 160gr 8mm (.323) Barnes TTSX that I want to trade. Potential Trade interests would include : 8mm Sierra 150gr ProHunter 8mm Sierra 175gr ProHunter 8mm Hornady 170gr SST 8mm Nosler 200gr Accubond 7mm Sierra 140gr HPBT GameKing 7mm Sierra 160gr HPBT GameKing 7mm Sierra 150gr SP...
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    BLC-(2), Who uses it?

    I've used it quite a bit in a 223rem, done some load development in my 8x57, and I'm getting ready to try it in my 338-06. It's not a new or maybe popular powder but it's certainly got some worth
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    SOLD - Remington 700 Trigger For Sale

    Replaced the trigger on my Rem 700 ADL. All parts are accounted for and included. I also have this listed on 24hrCampfire as well. $40 shipped to your door. Would prefer paypal, but will also take a personal check or postal money order. PM me and we'll work out the payment / address details...
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    Sold Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler

    I got this FA wet tumbler to dip my feet into wet tumbling. I liked the results so much, I recently bought the larger version. I purchased the screen lids to strain the dirty water out and will be including them with this kit. This tumbler works perfectly, and unlike some of the reviews you'll...
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    8x57 200gr Accubond

    Tiny, I haven't done any tests or hunting with the Speer 150, or Sierra 150. I'm still tinkering with those in load development. I've also used the 180gr Nosler BT to take a few deer. So far I've only recovered a core without the jacket but they've all performed well. I did develop a great...
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    tumbling in rice

    I've read about people using rice but it gets so dirty so quickly I doubt it's worth the effort. If you want a good economical choice, buy lizard walnut bedding from Amazon and add about 3tsp of mineral spirits and 1 cap full of NuFinish car wax. You'll get way better results than rice
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    8x57 200gr Accubond

    I found the bullet in the bottom of the 7th jug. Sorry I meant to include that in my original post
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    Sold SOLD - Remington 700 Sight Set

    Sold these a few minutes ago on another forum.