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    Twist Rates and Bullets?

    Don't overlook barrels by Rice and Colerain just to name a couple. I have built rifles with both and find both to be very accurate barrels. Some consider the Rice to be superior to the Colerain but I think it depends on what your after. True the Rice has a finer finish both inside and out and...
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    Sight upgrade help.

    If it's legal I've not found a rear sight yet that beats a peep sight. The firesight should be fine for the front but I would at least try a peep and see how well you shoot with it.
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    7mmRM - 140gr Ballistic Tip

    IMR 4350 has always been my go to powder for my 7mm and .300 Win. magnums. I took my old 7 mag. out of the gun case a few years ago with the idea of hunting a powerline with it. I also decided to try the Nosler Ballistic tip bullets, since I had tried 140 grain partitions and 139 grain Hornady's...
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    muzzle brakes and recoil reduction question

    Many years ago I bought a Browning stainless stalker Lefthand in .300 win. mag. with the BOSS. The BOSS was both a muzzlebreak and tuner in one package. I bought this rifle to be my main elk rifle. Previously the 7mm Rem. mag was both my full time hunting rifle and my elk rifle. I have never...
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    Hot Cors and Interlocks

    The Hornady interlock has been my goto bullet for hunting for several decades. From elk past 400 yards with the 180 grain Interlock in my 300 win. mag. To deer within 50 yards with a 154 grain spire point in my 7mm mag. They just plain work.
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    Neck Turning

    I do too. It will improve your loads if your die setup is correct and the case is sized to align with the centerline of your bore. At the worst it can't hurt. I have an older Forster case length trim tool with the neck turner addition. Works good.
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    Little more work on the A-bolt.

    My A bolt in .300 Win. Mag. requires 5 shots from a squeaky clean barrel before it settles down and starts printing it's best groups. Before each hunting season it's cleaned and then fired 5 shots before I ask it to perform.
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    Twist Rates and Bullets?

    The roundball is a deadly projectile, it's all I hunt with. So don't count it out of your consideration. I have a 4" gong of heat treated steel. I shot it at 60 yards with my .40 caliber loaded with a .395 ball and 60 grains of 3fg powder. It actually made a small crater in my gong that you...
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    Building a .50... and hunting with it?

    Jim Chambers flintlocks Track of the wolf Kiblers...The easiest to build and get a top quality rifle Dunlaps....A better choice of wood grades with top components...
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    Building a .50... and hunting with it?

    It 's a perspective thing. If you are just starting out most any muzzle loader will be a great gun in your hands. And yes, some of those Italians know what they are doing. Or so you'd think. My first flintlock was a Great Plains Rifle. It hardly ever fired and I learned to hate it. But the...
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    A little Sako Love

    6 Lefthand Sako's? I think I like you more and more everyday. The closest I can get to a LH Sako is my LH Tikka in .308 and that too has a super slick bolt. I have 4 other LH rifles but none in the class of your Sako's.
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    Building a .50... and hunting with it?

    I'm going to be blunt here. I hope I don't ruffle too many feathers. You guys really get to me sometimes. You don't mind spending big bucks on new rifles and scopes but when considering traditional muzzleloaders your satisfied with some italian, cheapo kit. I have a pretty nice stable of...
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    Triggertech triggers.....

    Some years back I did a lot of work on my old M700 LH 7mm Mag. Just in time while checking some resized cases I noticed the trigger had started letting the hammer fall sometimes. I really looked it over and made a little change then adjusted it to a crisp 3 pound pull with a reduced sear...
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    44 Rem Mag and 240gr JSP Info in Lever Actions

    I've loaded for Ruger's 44 Auto Carbine since about 1980. Shot a lot of different bullets both soft points and Hollow points and several powders. We once had 3, 44 carbines in the family and I've seen a lot of deer and hogs put down and I've settled on what we hunt with. Only 240 grain soft...
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    Just a few days left to score some meat....

    This is the first year since I turned 15 I haven't spent November in the woods. As it is I've only made one hunt so far and that was just a few days ago. I've still got a few days left and if possible I'll hunt every chance I get. My problem is my health. For years I stayed in top physical...
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    Esteemed Members, Please Relay Your Experiences with 7mm Mau

    I had a cousin several years older than me, a marine, who retired shortly after his last stint in Viet Nam. He took me under his wing and made a shooter out of me, and a gun guy to boot. He was simply crazy about a 7mm. Especially the 7X57 mauser. He and I got our hands on a couple of old...
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    Outside neck turning?

    I see it a little different. Working up some accuracy loads for my older M700 in 7mm Mag. I added neck turning to see what effect it might have. True, the results were small but noticeable. I am only turning to about 85% or less. This cleans up most of the high spots and makes the thickness...
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    New rifle advice

    I'm lefthanded and all my bolt guns are LH, also my custom flintlocks are lefthanded. Works great for me and I think starting the boy out right is the best option. Of all the rifles you listed I would go with the Browning X-Bolt. It's hard to justify another rifle with my wife and I understand...
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    Started loading 300 win mag

    You asked; Will a .010" change in seating depth matter if your already 1/4" from the lands starting out? From my experience and testing my answer is absolutely yes. I did a lot of testing of this subject some time back and perhaps my comments are relative. At least for those who are just...
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    Dedicated whitetail gun purchase.

    I had two back decades ago. A .243 and a .22-250 both rifles. I did a full bedding including the barrel channel, leaving the barrels free floated. I was a tool and die maker and I built an adjustable trigger for each. The .22-250 shot the best. Most of my developed loads shot .250 and under...