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    So what's going on with the rumored 24 Nosler?
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    24 Nosler

    I see that this cartridge is available in the new NCH. In the handloading book they have OAL at 2.25". First I've seen anything about this. Is this the 22 Nosler necked up for AR use?
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    6.5 bullets

    What is going on with Ballistic Tips in 6.5? I need some 140's for my Swede and they are out of stock everywhere! Are they concentrating on some other bullet line right now or what?
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    Inverted primer strike?

    Don't know what this would be called or even how it happened. It's the only one and never seen it before. Any insights?
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    Hodgdon data

    Hodgdon now has load data for the 22 Nosler on their site.
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    AR question

    Question for the AR tinkerers here. I just installed an adjustable gas block on my 22 Nosler. Can I now go with a very light buffer weight. I have a kit to mix and match the weights inside. Seems to me if i go with the lightest buffer and tune my gas to that I should be good,right?
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    Pump gun loads

    For anyone that loads for centerfire pump guns do you use small base dies? My son in law would like for me to load for his Remington 270 but all I have is standard 2 die set. I've seen it said you should use sb dies for ar's but I've never had a problem using std. dies for them. Just wondering...
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    Light bullets in 22 Nosler

    Seems like all load data starts with 55 gr stuff. I've got some 40's I'd like to try out of mine. Should I just start with top end 223 Rem loads? The max loads in the Nosler manual are way slower than advertised,but then again I'm only running an 18"bbl.
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    LC cases

    What is the best/easiest tool to remove the primer crimp on 223 cases??
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    22 Nosler case issues

    Reloading this cartridge has become the biggest PITA for me. Either the brass from the factory load is so deformed or is out of spec to begin with. I use a lee hand priming tool for all my rifles and about half of these cases barely fit the shell holder,even after taking a small file to them to...
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    6mm Creedmoor

    Anybody shooting one yet? My son may be getting one in the Ruger precision. My question is if we use 6.5 Lapua brass and neck it down will we need to turn it?. I'd rather not use the Hornady brass if I don't have to.
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    AR ejection

    Second time out with the AR Stoner 22 Nosler and all's working good with the new extractor(broke after 14 rds). I fired some w/o the brass catcher and it's ejection is about 1 o'clock. Is there any way to adjust this to about 3-4 o'clock? Heavier buffer maybe?