11 months of work


Dec 26, 2007
I have finished a long 11 month odyssey working with two rifles, my 358Win and my 300Win Mag. I added just recently 3 loads, 2 to my 300Win mag and 1 to my 358Win and have now finished my load work for these to rifles. This load work will allow me to be game and condition specific for my trips in the feild hunting.

Today I did some wrapping up at the range with two loads using the 130gr TTSX and one load for the 150gr TTSX and all groups under and inch. 130gr TTSX with MRP is moving at 3538fps, and the 150gr TTSX with MRP is at 3372fps. Also, with TAC I was able to shoot a group under and inch with the 250gr Partition moving at 2412fps.

I now have 10 loads under and inch with my 300Win mag 1-130gr TTSX load, 1-150gr E-Tip, 1-150gr TTSX load, 1-165gr Sierra HPBT load, 1 165gr Sierra SBT load, 1-180gr TTSX load (3074fps and is my all around load for 300Win Mag, 1-200gr AccuBond load, 1-208gr Amax load, 1-220gr Partition load and 1-Hawk 220gr load.

I now have 7 loads for my 358Win under and inch. 1-200gr Sierra RN load, 1-225gr Sierra SBT load, 1-225gr Partition load, 1-225gr AccuBond, 1-225gr Hawk load, 1-250gr Hawk load, 1-250gr Hawk load (2412fps and is my all around load for 358Win).

This has been quit and effort, lots of money spent and was also a lot of fun. I am writing an article for Ammo Guide entitled "Reloading For Versatility" and I think I have accomplished it in spades with my Savage 116FHSS 300Win Mag. This is a great relief indeed, glad I did it and glad it is over. Now the arranging of data, pictures and text for article which will come out in late August or Early September.

I am also glad I finished before the real hot weather set in. When it is hot you have to make more trips to the range and shoot less, so as I said I am glad it is all done.

Here are the three shot groups of the 130gr TTSX and the 150gr TTSX I finalized today.

130gr TTSX, Win brass, 250CCI primers, MRP powder, moving 3538fps, group .400"

150gr TTSX, Win Brass, 250CCI primers, IMR4350, moving 3372fps, group. .556" (3 rounds were 3371fps, 3371fps, 3374fps)