129 gr. ABLR in 6.5 Grendel


Mar 12, 2006
I developed a new load for my CZ-527 6.5 Grendel prior to hunting season using 129 gr. ABLR, Shooters World Match rifle powder and CCI 450 primer in Starline cases. I’m getting average speed of 2624 fps over my chronograph 15’ from muzzle. I used the load data in Shooter’s World manual to base my load on though they used a 129 gr. SST. I’ve taken three deer with the load this season at ranges from roughly 40 - 80 yards. All had excellent performance, good wound damage to vitals with exits. Two of the deer were taken with a shot into the chest cavity (though a bit further back than I care for) each deer only went ~ 30 yards from where they were shot in both cases. One of those was shot at ~ 40 yards, the other ~ 80 yards. The third was shot through the neck at between 80 and 100 yards - DRT. All in all I am very pleased with the performance of the 129 gr. ABLR out of my 6.5 Grendel. I can’t imagine what more you could ask for in the way of bullet performance.
Good report. I have some of those ABLR’s here I want to try in my daughters Grendel. She’s been using the 120 BT with excellent results and I fear she’d beat me with a rubber hose if I tried to switch it up on her lol. I can imagine the ABLR is more of a good thing.
My daughter used a 129 ABLR around 2600fps out of her 260 this year. Her buck was DRT at 75yd entered just in front of the shoulder and actually found the bullet in the hind quarter while butchering, little perplexed how it got there with the angle we were at, but hey its in the freezer!