140 gr. accubond question

With a shoulder shot, yeah. But how hard is it gonna be to NOT shoot a deer in the shoulder in your own words of "close range"? The idea is to blow the lungs right out onto the ground so they can't breathe with them anymore right?
If it would, it would just be a BT with a different color tip. As I am sure you have read BT bullets are built for velocities well under 3000fps. The Accubonds have been used on some tough game in Africa etc... and from the pictures I saw, none of the recovered Accubonds went "splat". They seem to retain between 50-60% of their weight no matter what they are shot from or thru.

I am interested in the same thing as 700 bdl. I have a 7mm WSM and am looking for the best whitetail deer bullet. I always try to shoot behind the shoulder, but I would like to know that my bullet is still going to hang together and penetrate through the deer even if I accidentally hit a shoulder. Exit holes are always nice for tracking. It has been suggested to me that I shoot partitions just to be safe. Would this be a better choice than the accubonds?
I also am a fan of the Partition bullet. I tend to get good accuracy with it and would definitely use it on game bigger than deer. But when I have used it, although it performed excellently, I would have liked a little bigger hole in the deer that were taken. Of course this is not the bullets weakness (rather its strength) as this is what it was built to do. Having not yet hunted with the AccuBond, but only reading of others experiences, I think it is the perfect tweener between the BT and the Part.

So you don't think a Partition would expand enough and do enough damage if you get a perfect shot behind the shoulder and don't hit any bones?

Would you still get an exit hole with an AccuBond after hitting a shoulder?
Sorry if I was confusing. The Partition is an excellent bullet and will give you an exit hole about the size of a quarter on exit. But I hunt in "Big Woods" habitat. Lots of ferns, brush, pine and oak. So I prefer a little bigger exit hole. It probably does not make any difference since my deer have always gone down within 20-40 yards. But I think a little bigger hole, in my situations, is better. You cannot go wrong with a Partition.


You will most likely have bloodshot meat with any bullet starting out at 3150 fps and striking your target at close range.
The 140 gr AB should be an excellent choice and will put your deer down very quickly with a solid hit. Your tracking job will be short, if it all.

If you are worried about meat damage, you should look at the 160 gr PT.


I have shot some 160 gr. accubonds in my rifle and it likes them very well. I shot some of them the other evening and it put all the shots in a ragged hole. I'm not sure of the velocity I'm getting with that particular load. I dropped my powder charge three grains from 67 to 64 with h-1000 trying to get around 2900 f.p.s. I'm sure this load would be a real deer stopper. However I was also wanting to try the 140 gr. AccuBond, as I have'nt shot any bullet lighter than a 150 gr. Partition in my rifle. I'm going to try h-4350 with the 140 gr. bullet.
I am considering a similar load for my rifle. I would like to try 140 Accubonds or Partitions with about 63 grains of IMR 4350. If anyone has any input on what I can expect with this combination I would appreciate it.
I am not going to overthink it. I have had good luck on deer at woods ranges with a moderate load from a 7mm RM for a long time. The 140 Partiton, 140 Sierra SPT, 130 Speer FB and 150 Corelokt all work fine.

Now I am shooting a 7mm WSM and it shoots the Nolser 140 gr BT's and AB's very well. It shoots other bullets well too but I am into plastic tipped bullets now so I am going to aim one at each deer and then gut it out and drag it to the road.

I use RL 22, 215 primers and a COL of 2.86" for 3250 fps.
Savage99":339kqup7 said:
The 140 Partiton, 140 Sierra SPT, 130 Speer FB and 150 Corelokt all work fine. Now I am shooting a 7mm WSM and it shoots the Nolser 140 gr BT's and AB's very well.

Out of the above bullets, I'd rank them in the following order according to penetration ability (with a few other Noslers thrown in):

* Partition
* AccuBond
* Speer Hot Core
* Solid Base
* Remington Core Lokt
* Sierra Game King
* Ballistic Tip

On light-skinned game like deer, I too recommend the rounds your rifle shoots very well; use the heavier Ballistic Tipped bullet or lighter AccuBond if possible.