160 gr Accubond in 7mm Rem Mag


Oct 26, 2004
I just bought a Sako 75 S/S in 7mm mag. Yesterday was my second trip to the range, first with AccuBond over reloder 22. Results were fantstic, after fouling, 62.5 gave me a .34 group, 63 gave up .814 and .532, and 63.5 gave me .858 and a second group with 2 touching and a pulled third. This in spite of the conditions, it was abotu 5 celsius with 20 mph winds from behind. The wond wasn't too bad except the plywood target board was moving.
Next I will shoot again with my chrony.
Welcome to the wonderful world of SAKO's! Of course the accubonds always help too! My 7mm shoots the 160 Ab .55" at 100 yds with 65 RL 22 and yields 3030 fps.