175 gr. partitions in 7mm short mag.

700 bdl

Dec 12, 2004
Have any of you fellas ever tried 175 gr. partitions in a 7mm short mag? According to Hodgdon data the 175 gr. bullet can be pushed over 2800 f.p.s in a 7mm saum.

I tried the 160 AB with Reloder 25 last week. I got 3010 fps and .545" at 100 yds. I figure that really ought to cover everything I wanna shoot with my 7mm WSM. :lol:
I got a little over 3000 f.p.s with H-1000 and a 160 ab, which shot very well. I was just wondering how a 175 would do. I'm probably going to settle on the 160 ab though for all around use.