200 gr Accubond with '06

OAL varies from rifle to rifle depending on the throat / distance to lands or length of the magazine. I use a Stoney Point OAL gauge to determine seating depth for all of the rifles I load for. If you don't have one of those you can search for techniques using a split case to mark the distance to the lands.

For the factory rifles I have loaded using the long, sleek Accubonds, I have ended up loading them based on magazine length and how they feed which still gives them a lot of freebore. Your results may vary.
Our CFO hunted last year with the '06 and 200grain AccuBond.

Worked really well, especially on those hogs...

Great luck with RL-19
200 AccuBond and the '06 sounds like a deadly combination for any bigger game, but Varget would not be my first choice with that heavy a bullet. I would be looking at a slower burning propellant like H4831, Norma MRP, RL 19 or 22 or IMR 4831. I think you will run into pressure signs with Varget far below the desirable velocities with the 200AB. If your '06 has a 24" barrel, I would expect at least 2650 with that 200. Regards, Eagleye.