2017 Wyoming Elk Hunt


Dec 24, 2006
Just wanted to drop by and post about our hunt. Bills headed west, Joel and I are headed east.

Took one bull out there this year. Tough hunting but it was a great time with Bill and Joel.

Will post more later but we worked hard for this fella. Saw two Elk and killed one of them.
Congratulations Scotty. That's a very nice bull.

Looking forward to the story! I'll be out in the Wyo hills later this week, cow tag. Went scouting October 10th, saw bulls everywhere - no open season before that, and the bull tags need a bunch of preference points. Still just great knowing they are there. Scotty, I dunno if you have points saved up, PM for details if you want them!
There's always next year! EE2
Scotty great hunt! Glad you could stop by the house last night and grab some quick grub and tell a few stories. Hearing you tell the story in person was better than reading it in a book patience and persistence will always pay off. Have a safe rest of the trip back to Virginia. Next time let's not Let four years go by in between having a beer together.
Just got back to Va. will catch up tomorrow.

Thanks for the kind words fellas.