2023 Trail Cam Pics

I got a few new cameras and put them in the spots that I've been watching . I wanted to check them out before things get going in the fall . the new cams seem to work well . I need to change the settings , I'm getting way too many pics .

not much action again this week .

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I'll have to go pull one camera today , it was found . it wasn't in a remote spot at all , but you couldn't see it if you stayed on the beaten trail . these guys found it . while these guys were in front of the camera , a bunch of us lease guys were about 1/2 mile away having a cookout after a day working on food plots .

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I see you have a Curt with a Coors. I hate to ask what the pic was😁
these guys are allowed in there this time of year , and didn't do anything wrong . I removed that camera to save me a potential headache .
last weekend we worked in the food plots all day Saturday . we had a cookout Saturday evening . we could hear the coyotes howling during the cookout . I went up to the lease very early Sunday morning , to walk the dog before we started to work . the one food plot we worked in Saturday had a deer kill . my cellphone battery died , so I couldn't take a pic Sunday . I went back up a day or two later , and this is all that was left .

coyote kill.jpg
We put out a corn pile with a camera nearby. My wife loves to watch the deer and we've managed to catch some nice photos so far this year. It just happens to be adjacent to my wife's deer stand.
In the first pic of the mama and fawn, if you look to the far right you'll see a second fawn.

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It does appear as though you have a nice crop of bucks coming on. I really enjoy seeing the "boxing" of the does, having watched such events on numerous occasions while living in Jasper.
I really need to get a couple of cameras. Been working on fence the last couple of days, bringing some steers in this afternoon. Dang deer keep walking up like they want to ask what I’m doing.