240gr XTP Mag bullets in .45 Colt and others


May 16, 2016
After using the 250gr XTP last fall for deer hunting, I bought a box of the 240gr XTP Mag bullets to try. They are made tougher, to be driven at higher speeds than the regular XTP. Typically used for .454 Casull, .460 Ruger, etc. Early tests in my Henry .45 Colt are promising, about 1.5" groups at 100 yards so far, still tweaking a bit.

And then, on Friday, I had an opportunity to purchase these XTP Mag bullets for a price well below retail. The reason for the clearance sale is that they had been sitting in a warehouse for a good while, and had tarnished. The guy I spoke to said they really didn't look that bad, but they just decided to get rid of them. I ordered several boxes, and I'll see what condition they are in. Should be here on Monday afternoon.

If the condition is acceptable, I may buy more and offer them for sale. I could make a few bucks profit per box and still be well below retail price on these bullets (Midway currently has them at $38/box). If I go that route, anyone interested in buying?