25 cal varmint


Sep 25, 2016
Is there any plan for a future 25 caliber Varmageddon bullet? Perhaps 75 gr. They completely skipped it in the lineup. Many 250 savage, 257 bobs out there and the 25 creedmoor is coming one day. Would love to use my 257ai for groundhogs with Nosler.
Guy Miner":1r74kg43 said:
FOTIS":1r74kg43 said:
85 grain BT?

That ought to work great as a varmint bullet!


That is what I am thinking Guy. I know a few people who use it as a double duty bullet with success. Antelope and varmints. In my mind the 100 gr is better suited for ANTIGOATS. :mrgreen:
I'll second the vote for a 75gr BT. Had a harder time getting 85's to shoot. 75 gr V-max's are just super accurate for me. CL

I'm beginning to like the idea of a 25-06.
Got a couple of 270s. Thought the 25-06 was too close.
Don't have one - never paid it much attention.
Until I helped a friend get his new 25-06 sighted in 3 years ago.
He's killed several deer with it since - all one shot kills.
Seems it works good on deer, too.
Do it! Its arguably the best dual purpose cartridge ever...Smacks coyotes, antelope and deer out to 600 yards with boring regularity. The only hindrance is the lack of high BC bullets. The 115g NBT is about the best bullet for it with a .450 BC Loaded with a good charge of Retumbo at 3200fps and 1/2 MOA or better accuracy, it's a tough combo to beat.