270 Win - 130 AB


Sep 17, 2013
I have a Rem. M700 which I had re-barreled with a 1:9" twist Hart barrel. I had barely shot it before today. Below is a target with the above mentioned Nosler factory ammo.

With these results, it is hardly worth reloading. However, I did get some 130 gr. E-Tips up to a screaming 3250 fps today with Reloder 26. :grin:

Nosler 130 AB.jpg
Pretty fine shooting, Dan. I do believe that ammunition will work for you.
Dang... that’ll handle bucks just fine!

How’d the ETips shoot. That’s blazing!
Scotty, I haven't shot a group yet with the E-Tip and RL-26. Just checking velocities against charge weights to calibrate the Ba factor for QuickLoad. Good thing I started low. I keep getting higher velocities (and probably corresponding higher pressures) with RL-23 & RL-26 than the manuals and QL would suggest. "Starting low and working up" is probably the best reloading practice and safety precaution there is. Also using a chronograph to see what your speeds are. It would be awful easy to get higher velocities (and pressures) than you think you would with these powders.

I might get to shoot a group tomorrow. Dan