270 WSM powder help


Dec 20, 2021
Long time reloader but 1st post. So with the powder shortage, I have these available to work up a load with for my Browning ABolt in 270 WSM with either 140G AB or PT. H4831sc, H4350, IMR 4350, IMR 4831 and RE22. I have the Nosler #6 manual but not the most recent. Just wondering what powder/s you would use to start with. Also, do you use Magnum Primers or just large rifle? The manual suggests WRLM but I have CCI, Fed and Rem Magnum primers as well. I have my favorite powders for 270 Win, 30-06 and 300WSM but looking for ideas. TIA.
Welcome aboard. Good to see your post.

Though there are better choices to be made given the parameters you list, any of the powders you list will work. You will get slightly better case fill with RE22 than with the other propellants listed. Velocities don't really differ enough to tilt the scale one way or another. While the magnum primers have slightly greater brisance, I've generally used large rifle primers in all my WSMs because of the shorter powder column. All have given good ignition in temperatures down to -40.
Rl22 was the best thing going for my 270 WSM for years. I did switch to 26 a few years back but I wouldn’t shed a tear if I was saddled with 22 for the rifle. It’s always worked well and has been fast as well.
I don't have any info for Rl 22. Anybody have the minimum and maximum charge for 140g? Thanks

I think you'll end up higher than 61 grains of it to get 3200, but it is a good place to start.
SJB: That is exactly what I needed. Thank You very much. Happy Holidays..
I don't know if you are still interested but I solely load magpro in my 270 WSM, from 130's to 150 ablr. Best accuracy and hits game hard, best there is in my not so humble opinion.
Thanks for the reply Big Guns. When I see some Mag Pro available somewhere, I will try it out.