280AI-140gr Accubonds


Jun 3, 2016
Well my son Brad and I take off hunting for a few days and test out the new camper, with no real plans we sort of wing it, first few days in my fav Mule Deer spot has nothing but rain so we switch areas to look for Sheep and start seeing some Mule Deer right away,

A big three pt high up in the rocks where the sheep hang out but he's all alone, moving up the Valley we start seeing a few bucks

then a Cpl small bucks sparing

finally a ram, but he needs a Cpl years but has my sons interest now and we start glassing and keep spotting deer !

scenery is awesome, my son Brad enjoying the view !

well on we go and Brad yells bear and bails out of the truck, as I find a place to park and sure enough by the time Im walking back he's already coming out of the bush, I dropped him with one shot, the Nosler Trophy Grade 280 AI 140gr Accubonds pancake the bear, as we get up to it I see how fat it is and wow what a beautiful coat, Brads first bear and he's ecstatic

As it lays

What a great trip with your son. For him to see such a variety of game and then to connect is addictive. Good looking bruin.
Congratulations to your son Brad on his bear.
Beautiful country, thanks for sharing the pictures.

Great job :wink:, please congratulate Brad for me (y). It is great to see and hear of family hunting together it is the way it is meant to be :).
Thank you for the great post and the photos it has made my morning :mrgreen:.