30-30 in a Handi Rifle Which bullet?


May 21, 2005
:lol: Well I don't need to start a controversy or a wrath of naysayers to my question. But I will be using a single shot 30-30 for all my hunting needs this year. I will be hunting elk, deer , and bear. Now please don't quote me energy figures on my choice of round and call me an idiot. :shock: 3 work accidents have left me disabled and this is all I can shhot right now and if I am to hunt at all, this is the gun I have to use. So has anyone used any of the various nosler products from a 30-30 on game bigger then deer? If no one has, what has been your experience with the bullets on deer from a 30-30? What ranges did you harvest game at?

Have a great day! :eek:

I shoot a T C Contender in 7-30 Waters and use the 120 gr BT for WT Deer.
For your situation, I would think that you could use the 125 or 150 gr BT for deer and the 150, 165, 170 gr PT for both Elk and Bear. Due to the lower velocities of a handgun, I would keep my shots under 150 yds and take only broadside double lung shots.

Just a thought. If you are shooting a Contender, there are aftermarket barrels from Fox Ridge and JD Jones in the 309JDJ. This would be a step up from the 30-30 and get you higher velocities and energy. Recoil isn't much more that the 30-30.

Good luck this fall.