300 H&H Pet Loads

It's a very pleasant 300 magnum if I must say. I am looking forward to finishing it up some.
My #1 did not like Rl 26 but is doing well with Rl 19. Nosler book max is 69 grains and I’m loading 68.5 behind 180 partitions seated just off the lands.
I had dismal luck with the Accubonds, surprised me. this morning I was getting ready for the range and found three loaded rounds with accubonds left over from a previous range day.
Ran them through the seating die to .100 off the lands.
Spent the morning shooting steel at 300 yards from field positions. I had three #1s and the 338 Jarret with me. As I was cleaning up I checked down range and found an open spot on a target left behind. Set the 300 HH on the bench and banged out three shots.
Would have been perfect if it had zeroed with the partitions but I’ll take a .427 group like that at 300 all day long. Good luck with yours. 4350, rl 26 or 19 should work For you.


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Thanks fellas. Been doing decent with H4350 and 180 BT's.. If I can get it zeroed up, it may get to hunt some.