.308 test for 200 and 220 grains


Jun 8, 2017
While waiting for the test results, I will add my experiences. I shot 5 wildebeest with the 200 grain Partition and 5 wildebeest with the 240 grain Woodleigh soft point. The 200 was traveling at 2600 fps and the Woodleigh at 2350 fps. This is from my 30/06. All 10 wildes died in an efficient manner. Ranged on average 100-200 yards. Penetration was good and they worked similar to the 180 grain A-frames, Sciroccos, Pro Hunters, Norma Bonded SP and TTSX that I was testing on that trip. Trivial info: Best all round performer: Swift Scirocco. Very accurate and great penetration/expansion. Most accurate: Pro Hunters. Regular 0.5" groups at 100 yards. Also killed very well. The Pro Hunter is my stock round for everything. Least favorite: TTSX. Could not get those long bullets going fast enough for reliable expansion. Drilled a couple that required some long marches across the Namibian brush country. Incidental: The A-frames grouped about 5" lower than any of the others so had to remember to dial the scope when changing to them.


Dec 11, 2010
A few years back for spits and grins I did a little work using the 220 gr. Sierra round nose bullet in a Winchester M70 Yputh Ranger that was restocked in a ramline stock so it would fit me. The rifle has a 22" barrel with a 1 in 12" twist.

I have an earlier copy of the One Book/One caliber series for the .308 Win. Later issues do not have data for 200 and 220 gr. bullets, to their shame. One perusal, the highest velocity shown for any of the powders was with W760 with data by Winchester.

220 gr./W760:
Start: 42.0/2177 FPS/42,000 C.U.P.
Max: 44.0/2295 FPS/46,900 C.U.P.

No problem with the max load with velocity a bit over 2300 FPS. I was a bit concerned about accuracy with the rifle's 1 in 12" twist but groups averaged .50" or better. I never bothered trying the 220 gr. bullet with W748 as the top speed was was only 2230 FPS. I didn't try the 200 gr. bullet mostly because at the time I didn't have any on hand. Max speed in the book is 2381FPS.
Paul B.