.338 RUM Nosler bal tip

Why? You're going for prairie dogs? Unless you're shooting antelope at 800 yds (you'd have to at those mv's the 338 Rum can produce!) :lol: :lol:

I have a M700 LSS in 338 RUM that shoots the 200 gr BT very well.
I don't know what your application is for a 180 gr BT but you might want to consider the 200 gr BT design. It shoots almost as flat as the 180 gr and hits harder at long range.

I'm loading 90.0 grs of RL22 Fed GM215 Primer R-P case. My best 3 shot group is .325" at 100 yds.



Thank you for the reply. My particular application for the 180's is strictly targets, as an Alaska-Yukon moose hunt is on the docket for this Sept., I intend to reach maximum proficiency with my latest acquisition. This being a 700 Sendero in .338 RUM, it is very similar to shooting a 10 gauge when loaded with the 225 grain Accubonds, thus I seek only to minimize recoil for prolonged practice sessions.

I understand completely where you are coming from. I shoot the 250 gr PT's for hunting.
For target practice, I shoot the 200 gr BT with 90.0 grs of RL22 and a Federal GM215M primer. Its a tack driver and on the mild side compared to the Partition loads.
To help tame the recoil of my 338 RUM, I had a Pachmyer Decelerator recoil pad installed. This alone took the sting out of the recoil. I was able to shoot 20-25 rounds from field positions (including prone)once a week for the summer in preperation to my elk hunt in 2002. No problems.

I have also developed loads with the 210 gr PT, 225 gr PT and 250 gr PT that all shoot sub .5" at 100 yds from my rifle. Let me know if you would like this load data.

What bullet are you considering for your moose hunt and where are you going to hunt. I am asking because I am looking for a moose hunt and hope to go next year. Any suggestions on a guide service would be welcome.

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I am always interested in looking at different loads, so when you get a chance,it would be great to check out your loads. As far as recommendations on guide services, I would be glad to pass on good info. Myself and my hunting partner have acquirred the services of an "Air Carrier", who only suuplies a ride in and out. About Oct. I should be able to tell you a lot more about them. Interestingly enough I also have a Decelerator on my gun and I like it. With the heavy barrel of the Sendero, the muzzle just doesn't jump, thus there is a huge push rearward. As for bullet selection I am leaning toward the same loads I put together for elk. 96 grains of Reloader 25 behind a 225 grain A/B , Nosler of course, and Fed GM 215M's, it shoots OK but needs fine tuning.

Here are the loads that I am using in my M700 LSS 338 RUM w/ a Leupold VXIII 2.5x8 scope. I am using R-P brass and Federal GM215M primers.

200 gr BT
RL22 90.0 grs
best 3 shot group @ 100 yds .325"

210 gr PT*
RL22 92.0 grs
best 4 shot group @ 100 yds .425"
best 3 shot group @ 300 yds 1.285" (2 shots were .590")

225 gr PT
RL22 89.5 grs
best 3 shot group @ 100 yds .450"

225 gr AB
RL25 97.0 grs
best 4 shot group @ 100 yds .790"
( I plan on working with this bullet to find a better load)

250 gr PT**
RL25 90.0 grs
best 4 shot group @ 100 yds .490"

* I used this load to take 2 Mule Deer (140 yds and 30 yds) and a 5 pt Elk (350 yds).

** This is my Moose load but I used it on a 200 lb WT Deer.

All loads came from the Nosler Reloading Guide #5 and are just below Max. Work up carefully. Let me know how these loads work for you.
If you care to share your loads, I would appreciate it.

The 338 RUM is a hammer on game, every one hit the ground hard upon being shot.

Also, please pass along any addditional information on your guide service.

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