338 Win Mag


Oct 30, 2017
I finished my 284 win build 28” McGowen precision. Very similar to the 338 build except it is FDE. I have loaded up 10 shot ladders for 180 VLD’s, 183 hr SMK’s, 185 RDF’s and 197 SMK’s . I’ll fire these next time I take the 338 to the range to find the max with the short ladders.

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sask boy

Ammo Smith
Nov 4, 2007
Hmm a man after my own heart a long-range 270win :wink:!!
Here in Saskatchewan for many years it was a 2 calibre hunting area :) the 06 and the 338win, now in the last 10 years with all the shows and information available it has really widened.
But for example when I got my 35 Whelen built and was up north Elk hunting we went for coffee and there was a fairly large group sitting around the table and only a couple of the guys knew what the Whelen calibre was (y).
I too have become a enthusiast and now my saying is "So many calibers and too little time" :mrgreen:!