.358 Winchester

I believe it is too long. At least it was for my blr magazine
It can be... but some things to consider. As Fotis said with a BLR it's too long and seating it deep is not a good option. You'll use up useful case capacity and the fact ABs like a jump just makes it worse. If you have a bolt gun with a longer magazine and appropriate throating it could work. The 358 is one of my favorites and after working with it in a BLR and a Ruger Hawkeye I came to the same conclusion that Ken Waters did years ago. The 225gr bullets w/ a BC of .400 or greater are the best all around option. Here's why: While you can load up 180gr pistol bullets and have a lot of fun plinking the 358 is a big game hunting cartridge that can be put in a short, light rifle. It is a very effective cartridge out to about 250yds. The only reasons to go lighter is to increase velocity and/or reduce recoil. The velocity gains with lighter bullets don't outweigh the higher BC of available 225gr bullets.The only instance I would consider 250s is I expected to be up close, very up close, to large and/or possible dangerous game. If all you are going to use it for is deer I can sort of see 200gr loads.They will have slightly less recoil but you won't gain enough velocity tp see any real range advantage. The downside is if you run different weight loads you will have to make sight adjustments. My experience is with same sight settings 225s will hit at least 2" higher and maybe right or left of 200gr loads @ 100yds. Regardless of what you do the 358 is not a "high velocity" or "long range" cartridge. It is an incredible game smacker within it's range with appropriate bullets. I use Sierras and Partions. The only game that moved more than 10' was a double-lunged elk hit at 200 yds. He ran about 150yds after being hit and was not hard to find. Hope this helps...
I have four rifles in .358 Win. and haven't shot them in one long while. :( I do believe it will be too long for my BLT and two Ruger M77s. It might work in my Savage 99. Biggest problem is after I got the four .358s, I also came into a .35 Whelen and the 358s are more or less safe queens. I haven't tried the 225 gr. Accuond in the Whelen but it will push a 225 gr. TSX at 2710 FPS into .50" groups over a stiff load of Re15. (y) Kills elk very very dead. I think Barnes may make a 200 gr. TSX or TTSX, not sure, but that would possibly be a screamer in the .358. Probably work up to 2500 to 2550 FPS depending on how your rifle likes the load.
Paul B.
A friend of mine shot a scrub bull with the 200g X-Bullet from his 358. It broke both shoulders and exited!!!
I have a BLR 358 and my brother has a Ruger 358 Win. He can load the 200 and 225 AB's enough longer to make them work in the bolt gun, while I can't get them to work as well through the BLR. No matter since it shoots other bullets like the Partitions real well, to include the 200 grain TTSX.

Good luck, awesome cartridge.
I'm loading Hornady 200 gr for my Savage 99C and they feed well through my magazines.
I was able to get the 200 gr AccuBond to work in the magazine of my Browning BLR but other bullets shot better so went with them. Not much wiggle room with them but it is possible. I like some of the shorter 200's available and the 225's like the Sierra and Woodleigh aren't bad either.
I had originally loaded 200 gr Hornadys when I started messing with the 358. They shot well and worked on whitetails. The best velocity I could get was a little over 2500 fps. I get right at 2450 fps with the 225 gr Partitions and Sierras and that's not a "hot" load. That's with a 20" barrel BLR. The Hornadys, Sierras and Partitions are all short enough to be within the neck of the case or maybe a bit beyond with the Sierra at a normal OAL. I haven't tried any ABs or mono bullets but I'll bet they will extend well into the case, perhaps past the point of the case shoulder. That's room for powder the 358 case doesn't have to spare. Other than areas where bullets containing lead are banned, I see no reason to use mono bullets in the 358. At 358 velocities cup and core bullets are plenty tough enough, especially the Partition.
I run into the same problem with my M600 350 Rem Mag. Short darned magazine box. Loaded some 180 TTSX’s up to 2875 with H4895 and its a danged accurate combo, fits fine in the box and I’ve got zero worries if the bullet will do its work.

It’s one of the Bullets I haven’t tried in my 358 though.