6 Creed, 87s... and PNW Lessons relearned


Apr 6, 2009
Took a roundabout way home, up through the Capitol Forest in WA state, last weekend... and found a place where I could wring out a new 6 Creed load.

Load is:
Tikka 6mm Creed, 20” 1-8” Bartlien
87 Vmax @ 2.65” coal
39.0 grains of IMR 4064
Looks like 3150(ish) FPS.

Side note... I took a stab at that load, looks safe, but I’d love to see a QuickLoad on it.

I had to shoot across a canyon from one landing to the other.... it was close to a 20 minute drive. I set the plate up in the pictured slag-pile, and drove across.... praying that the fog would lift. Once it lifted I ranged the plate at 516 yards with the Sig Bino. It spit out 2.5 Mil and .5 mil of wind. I figured I’d better be quick, so I threw a pack over the hood and stuffed in a 3-rd mag. Dialed the 2.5 in the 3-9 SWFA, held just off the right edge and hammered out three suppressed shots in about 15 seconds... dead nuts, but a click low. That mag full landed in under 2”. The fog dropped back in.... and 20 minutes later I got a chance to shoot a couple more. Added a click for 2.6... and sent two more.... they went 1.5”... square in the middle.

Here’s what I relearned though.... immediately after impact on the final shot, the fog dropped back in, and stayed. It was instant, I saw impact in the glass... then I saw fog. If that would have been a shot at a deer.... I would have NEVER found it. Raining, sleeting, it’s a 20 minute drive over there, no way to see where the shot came from, no idea if the animal dropped or ran, etc. Even if it dropped at the shot, it would have been near impossible to find. It was a condition that was duly noted... again.

Anyway.... here’s the pics, you could cover all 5 rounds with a clay bird. Not bad for a 20” gun shooting 87 grain, .400 BC bullets at 3150... using only 39 grains of powder.




Aug 14, 2017
I love the Tikka/SAKO actions and have had great accuracy out of their factory barrels. Great shooting.