7 mm Rem Mag - RL22


Jul 29, 2022
I’m going through all my brass and picking out just Hornady for this experiment. I have several Winchester and a few Remington. I found my notes from last year.... I tried 65.5 gr (hot) and it shot like crap. Zero pressure signs. I loaded 3 at 65.8, 3 at 66, 3 at 66.2, 3 at 66.3 and 3 at 66.4. Thought that’s would give me a good idea if I’m hitting a node in that range. From what I’m seeing and hearing, RL22 does best when pushed a tad?
On this same note.... that’s pretty hot. Completely ok not getting to the top end of this!!!


Dec 24, 2006
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63.0 grs RL22 and a 160 gr AB has been an excellent load in the 7mm Rem Mag. About 3050 fps and sub MOA.
Be sure to work up.


Yeah, somewhere between 63-67 grains of 22 and a 160 bullet in a good 7 Rem Mag has been a load that's worked in so many 7RM's that I don't even question it anymore. I've replaced my 22 with 23 mostly these days, but I have used it alot in the past and have never been let down with the accuracy and speed it's attained.