Mar 31, 2007
Well, an update on the 7600...

A guy I work with is selling it for his brother who is going thru a divorce. Told me that it is in "excellent" condition.

I am here to tell you that if I chained it to my pickup and drove from Michigan to Houston TX it wouldn't change the condition. Pretty sure it had never been oiled, let alone cleaned. More rust than blue. Damn near couldnt get the magazine out.

So no go.

But now I am intrigued by a 7600 and am going to pursue one. Still want synthetic, and that 280 seems like a cool cartridge.

Gives me something to hunt!


Aug 16, 2011
these pump guns were very popular in my area . the one local gun shop usually has a bunch of used ones , 30.06 being the most common . Grice also has done a few special runs of these . I would say the one Scotty has above is one of the special run guns . with the stock being branded the way it is . if you're interested give them a call .

Grice gun shop , Clearfield Pa . phone # 814-765-9273

I'm looking at a sales flier now . their Nov 2020 flier has coming soon ??? ( check website for availability ) 7600 carbine 35 Whelen black syn , blued metal , $630


Dec 24, 2006
They’re pretty danged neat rifles. I’ve got a 270 7600 I debate if I wanna have rebored to 338-06 or just use it as is. It’s in good condition but it’s seen a good amount of use to. They are way more accurate than people give them credit for.