7mm-08 and the new 150 AccuBond

Songdog- LOL nope, haven't shot any since 1998 and dont ever intend to the rest of my life either! Have no need for them. They absolutely dont do anything I cant kill with a lead core bullet. Monos arent my cup of tea. Myself, my dad, and uncle tried them 1 season, took 2 elk and 3 deer, and all of us had indifferent results. I used the 100g XLC from a 25-06 and they used the 165g XLCs from 300 win Mags. Accuracy was ho hum, they fouled badly, they're over priced, and their terminal performance was erratic at best. I had an 8" exit on my bucks shoulder at around 200 yards. Had to throw the whole front half of that buck away. That from a little 100g bullet from a 25-06. The 115g NBTs I used religiously never did anything close to that amount of damage theough the shoulders. My dad and uncles deer were shot from around 100 and 200 yards and required 2 shots each as both shots behind the shoulder seemed to pencil through and both deer showed little to no reaction after being hit. I found 1 of the bullets with 3 petals broke off on the offside hide. How is that possible, I dont even know, but that's what happened. I didnt use my 25-06 for elk that year, so no idea of how it would have done on elk. My dad and uncle both shot there spikes around 400 yards behind the shoulder, and again seemed to pencil through, leaving little to no reaction after being hit. Just one of those things when you get a bad taste in your mouth, like that pistachio ice cream, you just have no desire to try it again. That's how we feel about Barnes bullets. I could care less what they did to change or market them, I'll never buy or recomend them period. And another good buddy of mine lost a huge 4x4 muley shot with the original 140g X bullet from a 264 win mag. Again, shot behind the shoulder around 300 yards, little to no reaction, buck took off running, jumped the adjacent private property fence and was never able to recover it. I just dont buy into them. People can use what they want, but I always tell it how it is based on my actual field results with bullets. I have no reason to lie. I dont get paid or endorsed by any of them haha. And if I did, then Nosler and Hornady would be sending me lots of free bullets...
Yeah... I wasn’t impressed with them 15 years ago either.... but they’ve come a long way.... just like every other bullet. LRX is the best of the bunch.... I’ve seen the 127/6.5s do a lot of work, and I’ve never been unimpressed.

You can also swing the pendulum the other way, and go 162.... .600+ BC and moderate impact velocities forgives a lot of errors.
I have killed 2 huge bull elk (30-378 175 LRX) and 1 big Moose with the 338-378 225 TTSX.
I have also killed a few deer with the 300 Bee 180 TTSX and the 270 Bee 129 LRX. Also a few antelope with the 6.5 Bee and 127 LRX.
Ranges varies from 25 yards to 456. Never an issue and they all got hammered.

In my opinion they have come a long way since the late 80's and 90's. I remember huge copper fouling issues, huge pressure spikes, bullets not expanding etc.

I believe they have worked through these issues and it was a long learning curve.

If Accubonds do not work I go to TTSX/LRX next.

My 378 Bee hated 260 accubonds. With the 270 LRX .......


My 338-378 did about 1.2" at best with the AB...and I tried hard!!!

I swapped to the 225 TTSX...This is a factory gun BTW

Sas874runner":xtl5qc37 said:
In my tikka 7-08 I. Running 46gr of rl17 behind a 140 ab. Tried out the 150 ablr and found a second tack driving load. This tikka loves its noslers.
>> what speed are u getting with the 140?
I have been using the 150gr. ABLRs for some time now in my 280AI and I have personally not had any problems. However my nephew has quit the 168gr. ABLRs in his 7mm mag because he has had some problems with them exploding:oops:. I was the one that worked on that load and I am not sure what the problem is because they are only going 3,000fps. I am hoping it maybe just a couple of glitches in that particular box of bullets:unsure:.
PS. He used them a couple of times before and they seemed to have worked fine.

Dan, when you say they exploded, do you mean there wasn't anything left of the bullet to be found?
I have watched 3 elk walk away from ttsx bullets in the last three years. Never seen an animal walk away from an AccuBond. I want nothing to do with barnes. Nosler has never failed me to this date. Even then barnes are overrated and over priced pennies for inconsistent accuracy and inconsistent expansion
Can't say anything about the TTSX bullets but I can about the TSX I have never had any luck with the 120 and 140 gr. TSX bullets in three 7x57 and one .280 Remington rifles that I own. However, the TSX 225 gr. .35 caliber bullet is death on wheels when it comes to elk.
I run the 165 gr. AB in one 30-06 and it too did the deed on an elk.
I haven't tried the 150 gr. AB in any of my sevens but the 150 gr. Partition is very accurate in two 7x57s. The third rifle, a custom on an FN Mauser had digestive problems when it comes to pressure. Still trying to work that one out.
One thing I think people seem to ignore is with a monometal bullet, I would think bullet placement just might be a bit more critical than with conventional copper jacketed bullets.
Paul B.
Dan, when you say they exploded, do you mean there wasn't anything left of the bullet to be found?
Scotty, I guess that might be the wrong term as they fragmented the first time it was a left front shoulder on a average whitetail buck the entire shoulder was destroyed and the bullet did not enter the body cavity. The second one just behind the shoulder hit a rib and then fragmented into the boiler-room and actually lacerated the heart.
I am using the 150gr. ABLRs travelling at 3200fps in my 280AI, I have taken a couple of bucks with no issues:unsure:. The first buck I shot was standing broad side at approximately 225 yards and I took his heart out and the bullet existed the opposite side and the 2nd buck was at just over 200 yards walking away from me and I hit him in the back of the neck breaking it and existing through the front throat, exist wound just a little larger than the size of silver dollar.

Thanks Dan. I used the 129 ABLR at 3200 this year out of a PRC. They never seemed to slow down and blew right on thru nicely. Just leaving the dead bunch behind.