7mm-08 COAL question


Mar 31, 2009

i will start loading for my daughter’s BLR in 7mm-08

i will load the 120gr NBT with H4350
the min coal for this powder with 120gr bullets is 2.800 as per my Lee manual.
problem is, the cartridge won’t feed reliably at that lenght, i have to go 2.790”
for reliable feeding.

now i loaded rounds for a charge ladder and was planning to then do a seating depth test
in 0.003 increments
the plan was to do 10 test which would bring the COAL to 2.760"

since 2.800” is identified as MIN can it cause over pressure?
You are incorrect with you coal spec.
The MIN coal is 2.53in, the MAX coal is 2.8in

Take a look at the SAAMI case and chamber drawings and specs.
You can load longer than 2.8 in if it fits in your gun, and functions in your magazine. But saami participants do 7mm08 to a max length of 2.8in to comply with mag and feeding expectations.


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