85gr Partition from 243

This is certainly impressive. It would be comforting to those using 6mm calibre rifles. I will undoubtedly take a closer look at this for load development in my grandson's 243.
Oldtrader3":kgwes4fh said:
Scotty, did you ever shoot the 85 Partitions that I sent you?

Sure did Charlie, I developed a Youth load with some H4895 for my daughter to use. I haven't did anything full power with them, but they make a very effective short range deer wacker around 2400..
That was the first "premium" bullet I ever loaded in my 6mm Remington, back in the 1970's. Worked GREAT. (y)
That strikes me as the perfect bullet for smaller deer like our blacktails and some of the smaller whitetails. I would gladly shoot even the biggest deer that ever walked with one of those. Excellent performance.
I load this bullet in my wife's BAR 243. Last Sunday she shot a 3 pt whitetail at 217 yds. Went thru shoulder meat and a rib in and then a rib going out. Both holes were "golf ball" size. The buck went 30 yds piled up. Top half of heart gone and lungs were goo.
Partition did it's job once again. Very dependable bullet.