8mm RM


Oct 23, 2006
Has anyone tried 180gr BT in the big 8? Just wondering what powders you used. Was thinking RL22 or RL25.
There was a time, perhaps a year before the 325 came out, I couldn’t find any suitable bullets to reload, Hornaday, Sierra and Nosler all unavailable. I think I went hunting with one magazine full of 200grain Nosler’s. Thankfully that was all I needed. Believing the end near I sent the rifle to Kenny Jarrett and had it barreled into a 338 Jarrett. Went with his cartridge because I had 100’s of pieces of brass I could fire form.
That 8 killed elk just fine.
Can't help you with the big 8, but I think you'll be looking a long time for anything with an R in front of it. I have seen the 4831s lately though.