9.3 x 62mm loads


Dec 2, 2004
I do not have the current nosler reloading manual with 9.3 x 62mm data in it.

Can someone from Bend please tell me what the fastest powder was for the 286 grain PT and also the most accurate?

I see the nosler custom ammo is going 2430 fps which is smoking for this old war horse.

It's fast enough it actually makes me think about building a light weight "carry all day," 9.3 x 62mm DGR.

Thanks in advance.

RL-15 was the fastest

Min Load is 54.5grains @ 2267fps,
Max Load is 58.5 @ 2414fps.

The most accurate was Viht N135

Min Load is 48.5grains @2127fps,
Max Load is 52.5grains @ 2293fps.
My load is a 286 gr Partition with 54.6 gr Norma 201. I chronographed it at 2290 out of a CZ 550 Lux. It is a Norma factory duplication load and shoots MOA or better in 3 rifles. I use the same load in a 9.3x74R with the same accuracy out of a Valmet 412. It excells as a hunting load.
A friend uses 56 gr IMR 4895 and it shoots to the same point of impact as the Norma load out of the same rifle-mine and his both. Both loads have been tested in Africa with good success.
I'm very pleased with shooting partitions in my 6,5x57 and 338WM and now I have persuaded one of my friends to start loading 286 grains partitions in his 9,3x62. Can any of you give me reloading data for Viht. 140 in this calibre?
My buddy just bought a CZ in this caliber. He is getting one hole groups with RL 15 and Noslers.